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Ways How To Accessorize your iPhone and iPad

There are a host of additional gadgets you can now get to turn your iPhone and iPad into an all round ultra media centre, or protect it from the wears and tears of modern living. As the range of gadgets continues to grow here is a look and some of the must have add ons that you can get to properly accessories your devices. But be aware some of these peripherals far outweigh the core in both performance and price.

Accessorize Your iPad and iPhone

The ShoWX+ Pico Projector

ShoWX+ Pico Projector

If you are looking for a way to properly share your videos, shows or indeed photos and home movies the ShoWX+ Pico Projector is a superb little addition which will allow you to do just that. If you have an old projector screen knocking around or just over 100 square inches of wall that you can use this small but mighty projector allows you to project your images at a contrast ratio of 5000:1 from both your iPad and iPhone. Priced at just over £300 it won’t send you looking for a credit card transfer, and the projector can run on a full charge for 2 hours. It’s 848x 480 px image gives a fine definition to movies and will look good even on curved surfaces.

Boxwave Keyboard Buddy

Boxwave Keyboard Buddy

If you have tried using the onscreen keyboard with wet and slippery fingers you will know just how difficult it is, or if, as a former blackberry or PDA  user, you are just used to using a button operated keyboard the Boxwave Keyboard Buddy is a crucial add on for your iPhone. It does add some additional weight to the phone but in addition to giving you a slide out keyboard it comes with a host of useful extras. It offers the extra protection the phone might need with a USB port for charging and its own battery that can be switched off independently of the phone. Priced at a reasonable £50 this is an affordable extra which will give your opposable thumbs the purchase they require for speedy texts and emails.

Funky looking Jambox

Having already established a name for themselves with an excellent range of Bluetooth headsets Jawbone have developed a rather cool looking wireless speaker set compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. Priced at £150 the Jambox connects wirelessly to the device via Bluetooth and packs an impressively loud sound. These funky looking rubber accessories come in a range of colours and would work well with the any of the peripheral movie projectors, particularly as no cabling is required.

Libratone’s Beat speakers 

If you want a chic, and more expensive way of using your iPad or iPhone as your in house sound system then the Libratone Beat Speakers will do just that. Starting at £800 they are not an inexpensive add on but produce a beautiful clear refined sound through the cashmere covered exterior. Each speaker packs an impressive 50 watts of volume and you add on as many speakers as you like to the system. Again they come in a range of colours that can be selected to match your decor, and have been elegantly designed to suit the finest of tastes.

The Crux 360 iPad Case

This tough durable exterior is more than just a good method of protecting your iPad, although it will also do that with its ultra strong casing. Once opened it turns your iPad into a netbook with an intelligent, responsive Bluetooth keyboard. The case is also extremely flexible and can be repositioned in a host of different ways to enable optimum comfort for reading of books, magazines or watching movies, television. At just over £100 this accessory offers very reasonable comfort and protection.

Give your iPad some iBallz

At just £20 this cool and unusual addition to you iPad offers some elevation on surfaces that may prove precarious is particularly useful if you are worried about occasional spillages. The shock absorbent balls cover the corner of the iPad and are all held in place by a stretchy cord. A neat feature here is that when you remove two of the balls the remainder function as a stand for the device.

Use your iPad to Fly

For almost £300 you can use your iPad to indulge your desires as a remote control enthusiast. The Parrot AR Drone device connects to your phone via Wi-Fi and allows you to pilot the quadricopter using the flight apps or play one of the free game apps.

There are many other unique peripherals out on the market and more arrive with each passing day. The devices truly do range from the sublime to the ridiculous so watch out for future updates.

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