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Belkin Flip Folio – Best Stand Case for Apple iPad 2

As you may have all know we’ve all witnessed Apple’s the new iPad also known as the new iPad 3 release. The latest iPad generation that has sharper screen because of the Retina display, sleeker design, great camera shots powered by 5MP iSight application which makes your every shot worthwhile and best of all is it already powered by 4G LTE. Although Apple already announced the availability of the new iPad 3 which will cost you at least $499, it can’t be helped that there are still Apple iPad 2 users out there and I mean globally.
The New iPad 3
It will surely take time before the new iPad 3 ships out globally but if you are still up to at least iPad 2 and want to accessorize it by having the best iPad case then you might want to check Belkin Flip Folio – the best stand case for iPad 2.  Belkin is already known as one of the top distributors of consumer electronics solutions and their expertise is to accessorize your gadgets. Belkin Flip Folio Stand for Apple iPad 2 is one of their best-selling accessories to protect your iPad.  Not only it’s slim, fashionable, it also protects your iPad 2 from scratches and scuffs.  It also has a cover that folds to protect your iPad 2’s screen display. Belkin Flip Folio Stand for iPad 2 can also be converted to a stand for your device – for better and more comfortable viewing.
Belkin Flip Folio iPad 2 Case


Belkin Flip Folio Stand for iPad 2 Features:

  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Durable construction protects from scratches and scuffs
  • Folding cover for screen protection
  • Soft inner lining
  • Sleek design to minimize bulk
  • Secure closure
  • Cut out for camera lens
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Available in red, purple and grey

Here in the Philippines, Belkin Flip Folio Stand for iPad 2 retails at Php 2,000.00 from MSI-ECS.

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