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Top 8 Smartphone Accessories You Should Buy This Year 2018

What could be the best smartphone accessories you might want to consider buying this year?

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These days, nearly everyone has a smartphone. It’s really a do-it-all device that you can use for a range of purposes, whether it’s surfing the internet, taking photos, jotting down notes, setting schedules, sharing files, posting on your social media accounts, and so on.

It’s even possible to extend the functionality of your phone beyond the features bequeathed to it by its manufacturer. To do this, however, you need the aid of special smartphone accessories. What are the best ones you can get for your phone? Here are a few good suggestions.


Powerbanks are among the most useful smartphone accessories that you can keep in your bag or purse. Designed as an external battery for your phone, a powerbank is perfect for when you get caught up in Manila’s soul-sucking traffic or when you find yourself stuck in a place where there is not a power outlet to be seen anywhere. Make sure to buy a powerbank from a reputable retailer to avoid low-quality products that could malfunction and pose danger to your wellbeing.

Bluetooth Exercise Headphones

Wireless bluetooth headphones have increased in popularity in recent years, what with smartphone manufacturers like Apple, HTC, Motorola, and Xiaomi ditching the headphone jack in some of their newer models. Bluetooth headphones are great for tangle-free jogging sessions or workouts at the gym.

And if you planned to get a quick rest, then wireless TV headphones will be handy. You can connect to a TV set in the gym and tune in to your favorite programs.

Selfie Stick

No smartphone accessory is perhaps more polarizing than the selfie stick, especially when it comes to their being a travel accessory. Surely, they’ve become quite a nuisance in many places, whether it’s the Musée du Louvre, Times Square, Angkor Wat, and many other places in between. However, using a selfie stick is really one of the easiest ways to take good photos of yourself by yourself, especially if you are traveling alone. Otherwise, you can ask your guide or some random strangers to take your photos for you.

Attachable Lenses

If you’re not too keen on carrying and using a selfie stick for selfies, another option would be to use a wide-angle attachable lens instead. With this accessory, you’ll be able to easily frame yourself and much of the background within your photo, and you won’t be accidentally hitting people’s heads with a stick. Attachable lenses usually come in kits, so aside from the wide angle lens, you’ll also typically get additional ones like a fish eye lens to create hemispherical images or a macro lens to capture images up close.

Muti-Axis Gimbal

If you’re tired of putting so much effort in taking smartphone videos only to still end up with horrible shaky shots, consider buying a gimbal before shooting again. This gadget is a handy pivoted stabilization system that allows you to take videos without shakes and vibrations. It’s perfect for when you’re making amateur films for any purpose.

Waterproof Case

If you don’t have a waterproof action camera, don’t worry; you’ll still be able to take underwater images of your adventures in Palawan or the Maldives if you have a waterproof smartphone case. With its clear plastic body, you won’t have that much of a hard time using the touchscreen.

Bluetooth Speaker

Because duh—how else are you going to share your great playlists with your barkada if you don’t have a good Bluetooth speaker? They’re great for parties, for study group-slash-hangout sessions, or even when you’re just chilling out on the beach.

USB OTG Flash Drive

If your smartphone has a less-than-stellar internal storage, consider using a USB OTG flash drive to keep all those large movie files in. They’re also great if you want to easily share the latest episodes of your favorite hit TV series with your friends.

There are so many smartphone accessories these days, but only a few are really worth buying. Which one are you buying?

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