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Facebook Feature: You Can Now Add Your (Soon To Be Born) Baby On Facebook

Facebook seems to have rolled-out quietly their latest update on your profile and to be more specific when adding new members to your family. This is one great news for all the proud mothers out there who’s expecting a child (or more) soon because they can now add their unborn child to the parents’ Facebook profile. The update was said to have rolled out sometime last week and when I checked it out this morning and indeed it was there. Here’s how you can add your unborn child to your profile as Family member.





This could have been one of the promised update from Facebook that they’ll be doing in the next coming days. Apparently, what was happening was that people were creating new profiles for their fetus and then maintaining those profiles once the babies were born. And that violates the Facebook rule that only those over the age of 13 can have a profile. (Because babies can’t type! Silly babies.) So instead, this option was created to allow expectant parents (both mothers and fathers) have the legitimization they so deeply desire. In this culture of massive oversharing, this isn’t a surprising addition to Facebook, but it is a potentially awkward one.

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