Top 5 Growing Trends in Academic Writing for 2019

As the demands of academic writing constantly change, students should become more flexible. They should seek, find, analyze and adopt the newest methods of learning. Otherwise, they’ll fall behind the program. The year 2019 also brings some new changes and adjustments and students should be aware of the current trends. We offer 5 growing trends in academic writing for 2019.

Top 5 Growing Trends in Academic Writing for 2019
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Error-Checking Software

Modern technology develops very fast and offers new useful inventions annually. Thus, it is actively used by students and writers. There are numerous smart tools and applications that help with academic writing. This tendency was in trend in 2018 as well.

Special devices and applications help students to spot mistakes and sharpen their skills. The popularity of such tools has been proved many times. For example, the famous app Grammarly reported that it checked over 35 billion words since the beginning of the year. It is widely used throughout the globe.

Students follow this tendency and use many kinds of similar inventions. Thus, they use programs to edit and proofread, cite and make references, search for information, generate topic ideas and something of the kind. Thanks to such apps, they are aware of the typical mistakes they make. Thus, they memorize and avoid them in the future.

Mobile-Friendly Content

More and more technology devices are used by students worldwide. They help to manage all kinds of assignments faster and more productively. Smart inventions encourage and boost creativity. Students can perform a lot of tasks in various captivating ways. One of the new trends is mobile-friendly content.

Millions of young adults use mobile devices. They are more practical compared to personal computers because they can be taken to whatever place you go to. That’s why new applications are mobile-oriented. They can be easily installed on any modern smartphone or tablet. Websites also start to adopt their webpages to mobile devices. Thus, Google is available on every smartphone and it runs smoothly. Students receive access to whatever information they need instantly. It requires only a few clicks to read the data you need to complete your academic assignments.

Dependability of Social Media Content

Nowadays, Internet users put much trust in social media and the year 2019 confirms this trend. Social media offers relevant and helpful content for everybody. At first, such platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, etc. didn’t contain too many trustworthy resources. Online users commonly came across fakes. However, the situation has drastically changed and today, social media cuts down junk resources to provide people with official and useful information resources.

Social media create different communities and organize forums and online meetings to support users. Different blogs, workshops, and forums dwell on the most urgent issues of education. Thus, students receive important information about how to improve their academic skills.

The quality of content has increased for many a time. The Internet users listen to podcasts, read blogs and educational websites, learn from video lessons and so on. Curious students also actively track the latest news and affairs to be aware of their future perspectives.

Huge Potential for Writing Companies and Freelancing

Another important trend is related to academic writing organizations. The Internet is overflowed by various freelancing platforms and paper writing services. Most of them are actually competent and trustworthy. They help to fulfill all imaginable academic tasks. It is remarkable that due to a high level of competition, such platforms are simply forced to constantly improve their services and conditions. This provides students with more dependable sources of support with academics.

Highly reputed academic companies hire only experienced and certificated writers and editors. They want to attract as many clients as possible. That’s why the competition for such a company is actually tough. Students may count a great variety of academic assistance. Approved experts can write, cite, rewriting, edit, outline, research, analyze, proofread and fulfill many other functions. Accordingly, students can learn a lot from this collaboration and improve their own learning skills.

It should be also mentioned that any student can find vital facts on other websites. Many famous colleges and universities have launched their own education sites and offer the most reliable methods of learning. Some individual bloggers post relevant content that can be used in academic writing. Even travel writers may be helpful, especially if a student should compose a travel essay.

Visual Stimulation

One more 2019-year trend is visualization. Visual content develops and progresses every year. Many people use their eyes to comprehend and memorize tons of information. Digital devices allow advancing this learning style. There is a persistent tendency of using videos as the main medium transferring of information.

For example, educational communities established on social media actively use video lessons. They also organize video meetings, workshops, and webinars to attract more students. A video allows listening and seeing how academic writing tasks can be fulfilled. Besides, it’s more entertaining for students who adore fun. Many tutors use video lessons to promote their business. Freelance platforms along with professional academic writing companies also use this medium to receive more orders and teach more people and students. Even a vivid interface full of images, pop-ups menus, interactive icons, and animations appears to be appealing to the eye.

You should be always tuned and ready for changes. Monitor the current trends to be prepared for new challenges. Use our suggested trends and look for some other to be confident that you’ll handle whatever comes.

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