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Common Social Media Mistakes That Will Affect Your Brand

With over 3 billion active users, social media can be the marketing tool to help you grow your brand.

There are different platforms available, each with its own type of content and general demographic. With the right approach, you can boost your brand’s visibility across different platforms and help to create product awareness without having to incur large marketing costs.

But not all brands will perform as expected on social media. With a large number of brands and potential clients available on social media, it can be a challenge to maximize your presence and improve your returns.

Boosting the presence of your products online is not easy. Especially if you don’t know where to start and what exactly you should do. You should seek a company that offers online reputation management tools to help build your company or product’s image. With proper guidance and systematic tools, your product’s exposure will no longer be limited to small groups – it can expand. Also, they can help you scan the Internet for any content that may harm your company or product’s image.

These are some common mistakes that you should avoid when using social media to boost your brand.

Failing to respond to users

Social media has provided a great platform for brands to interact with their potential clients. More people are using social media to interact with their favorite brands, instead of using traditional means such as letters or dedicated phone calls. By failing to respond to your clients on social media, you could hurt your business and develop a negative reputation.

With the spike in the number of people who are interested in using social media to reach out to brands, it is important for your brand to remain interactive. users are more likely to ignore brands that do not interact with their clients since this takes away one convenient customer service avenue.

Poor reputation management

Your brand’s reputation could help create a larger network – or not.

Do you know what’s common to almost all new visitors to a shop? That is how reputable your brand is. And most often than not, these new visitors will check either how many is your brand followers, shared products, reviews, likes, etc.

Sometimes, this is one of the prospective buyer’s deciding factors if they should plunge and trust your product. Eventually, your new visitor will be converted into one of your new followers. That is why it is not bad if you want to combine natural and purchased followers or likes. But you have to be cautious – like in the case of Instagram. You have to know how to buy Instagram likes and where. You don’t want to mess up your brand by going to just anything without due diligence.

However, a negative reputation could affect user perception and push away potential clients. Since it is a critical aspect of your online presence, it should be managed carefully. Many brands will just ignore any potentially negative criticism, comments, and posts. Some brands will go to the extent of removing these negative and critical points of view, maintaining interactions that they deem positive. This could be even worse than having negative comments on your brand’s social media avenues.

Instead of taking down perceived negative comments, you should consider responding to these users and asking to improve their experience by correcting any flaws in their products, offering an exchange, or hearing out their views. All this should be done in a respectful tone and timely manner.

Post it and Leave it

Many brands will often create generic content and make posts on their social media platforms alone. They do not consider reaching their target audiences, and will not take up any measures to promote their posts. For brands with a large number of followers, this may work. For smaller brands, only a few users will view these posts, which makes them limited.

There are free and paid marketing strategies you can use to increase your posts’ visibility. Aside from marketing your posts through paid advertising, which is discussed below, you can engage in content sharing and linking with other brands. You will get exposure to their audiences, in return for similar exposure for their own brands.

Failing to make use of paid marketing tools

Your brand could use the free marketing platform that is provided by social media to your advantage. However, for free marketing to be successful, your brand may require an already large following and great content which will attract more users.

Relatively smaller brands may need to take up paid marketing options to help make their online presence more visible. This is usually done through affordable advertisements, likes, and hits. More people will visit your page, know about your brand, view your content and look to find out about products as well as make purchases if they come across your strategically promoted content. You can contact to try out instagram likes for your next Instagram-based campaign to see the impact such paid marketing measures will have on generating positive analytical data.

Failing to track analytics

Analytics provide actionable insight into different metrics that make marketing on social media even better. Analytic trackers will help you measure the success of your social media strategy, as well as observe traffic. You could be in a better position to improve user experience by following analytic trends.

If you have an active social media presence, it is important to consider how fans react to your content, which can be observed through increments and drops in engagement levels. You can also explore the performance of your posts to specific demographics, as well as monitor overall customer satisfaction levels.

Lack of a social media team

If you are active on one or two social media platforms, having a single employee monitor and respond to requests, comments and other moments of interaction will usually be okay. For larger brands and those active on different platforms, the amount of work could be too overwhelming for one person. It may be crucial for your brand’s growth to have a social media team.

The benefits of having a team include quicker response times across different platforms. Team members can be divided across different platforms to make sure that no comments or queries are ignored, helping to develop a great relationship with users. Having a team also makes it easy to develop and institute a good social media posting policy, as well as improve the quality of content posted.

Showing drug use, violence, and using foul language

For some brands, using graphic content that portrays vices such as violence, nudity, and drug use, as well as foul language, has been a great tool to draw in specific demographics. However, this strategy is not recommended across the board. Even if your competitors have been successful with this approach, you should be very wary of following it as it may have severe consequences for your brand’s perception among potential clients. It could also work to keep away certain demographics.

Final word

These mistakes are easy to avoid through the development of a social media policy. Any one of them could be detrimental to your performance online, and may be difficult to overcome. They could affect your brand’s success online, which could be impossible to overcome for a long time. By staying clear of these mistakes, your brand will have a better reputation and will attract more users. Also, Try this free Instagram follower app to quickly grow your account and promote your brand.

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