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How to Save Public Instagram Stories on Your Device

How to Save Public Instagram Stories on Your Device

One of the easiest ways to download Instagram story is on This website will provide you the possibility to save an Instagram story to your device before it expires within 24 hours. This way, you will be able to reopen pictures or videos that would disappear after 24 hours.

Therefore, we will explain step by step the procedure of downloading the Instagram story to your device.

1. Find the public username of the Instagram account and copy it

The only condition for Instagram story download requires that an account is public. Once you see the story that you like, copy the username of a public account that posted a certain story or simply remember it. We all know that some Instagram usernames might be tricky to remember as their symbols are unusual. Therefore, we suggest simple copy action.

2. Find and visit it

For the next step, you need to open a browser on your device and visit to download Ig stories. is a website made for Instagram users which will provide you the ability to save pictures, videos or stories to your device.

3. Paste previously copied username

When the loads, you will see a search box on the front page of this site. That’s the place where you should paste the previously copied username, or just type it manually. It is of a great importance that you enter the username correctly as there might pop up some difficulties in the form of website errors, or even unwanted stories from a different username.

4. Choose the ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’ option

After you paste or type a wanted username in the search box, you will spot a “Download Instagram Stories” option. That option is a key to download the Instagram stories. Click on it and let’s move to a 5th and the final step of downloading the Instagram stories.

5. Choose the “Download” button that can be found below each image story or the bottom-right corner of each video story

When accomplishing all the previous steps, you will be just on a step away from saving your video or a story picture. The website will load all the video and photo stories of a selected username. Below every story, there will be a “download” option. Therefore, beneath a photo story, there will be a “download” button. Press on it and wait for a bit while your browser downloads a wanted story.

If you want to download the video story of a selected account, you need to press the download button icon in the bottom-right corner of a wanted story and your download will start automatically.

As we have previously explained, these steps will ensure a fast way of downloading the Instagram stories. You need to follow them correctly in order to save the Instagram stories to your device. Also, make sure the account you are, spying” on is public.

This service can also be used to download Instagram videos and photos on any device so, next time you find nice quotes, pics or funny videos you like, save them on your device for later use.

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