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Facebook Chat Emoticons – How To Use Other FB Profiles As Your Message Emoticons

You can now use other Facebook profiles to be your Facebook chat emoticons and you don’t even need to use or install additional application or add-ons on yor Facebook account. Before, I tried using some third party application that requires me to install their application for free on my computer so that whenever I engage myself to Facebook chat I can use different emoticons like those ones on Yahoo Messenger. Unfortunately, before the other party or the other person that I am chatting with needs to install the same application that I am using so that they can decode the emoticons I just typed on my Facebook chatbox. Good thing, Facebook now supports this new way of using emoticon in a different way. Below is an example of the emoticons I used while chatting with my other account (just for the sake of documenting this).

FB Chat emoticons

And next image below is the result of the last message that I was supposed to enter “are you [[143220739082110]]” which means “are you are you f***ing kidding me“.

FB Chat Emoticon response

This time emoticons don’t have to be anonymous anymore since you can now use real faces or real profile faces. You won’t be stuck anymore with “smiley central” using those familiar yellow faces.

So how this is done?

As you can see on the images above, part of the messages I am sending is a series of numbers enclosed to a pair of brackets – i.e.  [[143220739082110]]. Actually it’s a simple Facebook chat command that enables you to show the profile picture of a certain person. That set of numbers inside is actually someone’s profile ID. A profile ID can be a series of number or a name in the case of those whom already updated their profile settings.

Take Mark Zuckerberg’s profile ID, we can use his profile ID and take “zuck” from his original “” link. So if we want to post a message the will somehow describe Mark then we can just enclosed it into that pair of brackets and send them through Facebook Chat – [[zuck]].  Got it?

Privacy Violation?

This method won’t violate any privacy agreements with Facebook since all of our Facebook profiles are publicly displayed (except for the details or information about our accounts – that is if you set it properly).  So this means you can use any community pages, application pages or profiles as your emoticons.  You this means that as much as you can use other profiles or even your not so friend’s profile they can also use yours – there’s no option anywhere on Facebook settings to opt this out.


A quick note about this cool trick is you can ONLY use this on Facebook chat messages and CANNOT be used on updating statuses, commenting on other’s wall, and not even with Facebook Messenger applications.  This will only display correctly and as expected if you engaged yourself into chatting on your web-browser.  If you use this method or trick aside from your web-browser, it will only appear as the profile ID enclosed to a pair of double brackets.


For more lists of funny emoticons and profile pages you can check out this link from Reddit – Rage Faces on Facebook.

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