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Facebook 4.0 For iPad Is Now Available For Download

After some time, Facebook application is now available for iPad and ready for the taking.  No one really knew why did Facebook took such a long time to create this Facebook application for iPad but nonetheless we can now all enjoy this application.  What can we expect from this “not-so-new to us” application if we add this on our iPad?  Nothing biggie actually if you ask me if we are going to talk about the usual Facebook functionality.  If that’s the case, so what makes this social-networking application worthy for us to add onto our Apple iPad?

Facebook For iPad


Like the normal Facebook application whenever you go and login onto their official website, you can chat, share photos, videos, be updated with your friends’ mood for the day and many more. But of course, when you put this amazing and popular social-networking website into an Apple iPad – then amazing things could happen. With iPad’s screen resolution I won’t be surprise if the photos and videos would look pretty cool. You can browse through your albums and pinch one photo at a time to zoom in, swipe to browse all of your photos and you’d find yourself nostalgic yet having fun interacting with your photos – you can either have it as slideshow or view them one-by-one.

Another feature of Facebook 4.0 for iPad is the way you navigate through it. Some might find it annoying while for some it’s pretty organized. The menu which contains most of your applications such as Feeds, messages, events, friends’ list and many more are situated on the leftmost part of your iPad – left-hand menu. While all of the recent updates, and message notifications are at the top of every screen of your device. With this you can easily interact with your friends whenever they post an update on their wall or if you receive a message from them.

As of the moment Facebook 4.0 for iPad supports only few languages but these are the most commonly used – English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

To get more information about this latest iPad application, you can check the official Facebook 4.0 fan page – here.

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