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New iPhone 5 Will Sport “LiquidMetal” And Ceramic For Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Mobile and Apple – Two of the greatest rivals in the global smart phones mobile industry are reportedly investing on new materials for their next flagship handsets. The materials that I am talking about will be used for these mobile companies’ casings or main bodies. Samsung Galaxy S III will be sporting ceramic while the new iPhone 5 (well, the new name is still not confirmed) will be using “liquidmetal“. The term “ceramic” may sound familiar to us, but “liquidmetal” well it’s quite new for me.

Apple vs Samsung

Liquid Metal (a.k.a. liquidmetal) For the new iPhone 5 and Release Date

Apple, report says they’ve invested at around 30 million USD to acquire the rights to use LiquidMetal back in 2010.  Moreover, it is said that this material will not be cast around the casing of the new iPhone 5 but it will be poured. According to the study from LiquidMetal technologies, this can create metallic glass materials with a strength that is twice as compared with titanium materials and can store energy that is much greater than stainless and titanium. This can make the new iPhone 5 casing more durable and withstand the impact when the tech-consumer accidentally drops their iPhone.  About the release date of the new iPhone 5, previous reports says that it will be unveiled in the next WWDC on June 15 but Bloomberg says otherwise. According to Gene Munster who is also an analyst of Piper Jaffray Cos. (PJC), the new iPhone 5 will be released on October. The change of release date, according to the analyst, started when Qualcomm Inc., admittedly that they are currently facing dilemma meeting the demands on producing some of the components needed for the next smart phone flagship of Apple – the new iPhone 5.  Those components are radio chips that will be used for the new iPhone 5 to enable it to connect on faster networks.

Here’s the video clip showing the comparison of how LiquidMetal energy works against stainless and titanium.

Samsung Galaxy S III “Olympics Themed Smart Phone” Ceramic Body

The next big event, “Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012” from Samsung Mobile will be held in London on May 3, 2012. The event was named “Come and Meet the NEW GALAXY” and since the announcement it made so many speculations that this will be the date where Samsung Mobile will unveil their next flagship smart phone called Samsung Galaxy S III codenamed GT-I9300 (still unconfirmed). The new Android smart phone from Samsung was reportedly to use a new material for their redesigned Samsung Galaxy S III body called ceramic.  This new ceramic redesigned body will be different from its Galaxy smart phone siblings. Like the ACER Iconia Tab A510 which I posted earlier this week, Samsung confirmed that they will be launching Olympics-themed smart phone with NFC support. These new smart phone release will be branded as “Samsung Olympic and Paralympic Games“.  Also, these NFC-enabled Samsung Galaxy S III smart phone will also be using Visa that will allow you to engage on contact-less payments.

Rumors or not, these small details are still possible and bound to happen because the reports came from most of the manufacturers and distributors of these big rivaling mobile industries, Apple and Samsung. Some can be true and some might not but the only thing that is inevitable is that these mobile companies will surely unveil a new smart phone for all of us tech-consumers. Let us all wait and see what will be the next reports – hopefully directly from Apple and Samsung this time.

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