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Benefits and Importance of Having Mobile Compatible Websites!

It may so happen that if someone is looking at your website he or she may do so from an iPhone, iPad, or from any other mobile device like a smartphone or PDA. Reports and surveys suggest that more than 60% of people around the world have started to use mobile devices to browse through web content and this number is most likely to go up each and every day. Yet despite knowing this fact many businesses are still following the traditional way of website designing specifically meant for laptops and desktops. Have you ever wondered how your website would look on mobile devices and if in case it is not rendering properly then most probably you could be losing potential customers?

Reasons for building a mobile website

You need to design a mobile compatible website keeping in mind the number of people you want to show which in return can help you generate revenues. Here are some of the benefits and reasons as to why you should go for a mobile compatible website:

Enhance user experience: The main goal of going for a mobile-compatible website is to ensure it looks perfect on any mobile device. If this is the case then you are also enhancing the user experience.

Visitors spend a considerable amount of time on your site: You would, of course, want more and more people to spend better and quality time on your business website and this largely depends on how your site looks like on the device itself. By having your site designed specifically for any mobile device you are encouraging visitors to stick longer and browse through your site content.

Speedy page loading: Since responsive designs are meant to target mobile devices and mobile browsers this is why the site would load faster. Design elements like images and graphics would be lighter and look better through responsive designs.

Enhanced SEO: The performance of a mobile website is much better on a mobile search engine and as a result it allows you to attract more traffic and unique visitors who search for businesses like yours on their mobile devices.

Better looking graphics and better branding: If you really want to enhance brand awareness and look professional on mobile devices then you really need to go for responsive designs as such designs allow you to maintain better and powerful looking images.

Outrace competition: By having a mobile website you could be a mile ahead of your close competitors. If and when mobile users scroll through your mobile website and through your competitors then chances are that they may pull out information from your site since your site looks better on the mobile device.

Comparison between a mobile website and a mobile app

You would be aware of the fact that you need to look into innovative ways of connecting with mobile users. The connection can be possible either through your mobile website or through an app. The fact of the matter is that both ways are excellent and help you reach your targeted audience.

Option 1: You have the liberty of creating a separate mobile site since you know that the way your site appears on a desktop or laptop would not appear the same on a mobile device. This is because of the screen size and the browser type. A user cannot have the same browsing experience on mobile devices.

Option 2: Another option that you have is to create a separate mobile app. This can be a customized app that can seamlessly run on any mobile device. Building an app can be typically expensive and a lot of effort goes behind it. You can easily go for a mobile app and ensure that it is feature-rich and has value for the intended audience.

Unique Ideas for a mobile website

So finally you understand the importance of having a mobile compatible website however before you go for it what are the points that you should keep in mind. Here are a few tips that can assist you:

Allow automatic redirection: Ideally, in a perfect world, your mobile website appears automatically for users on mobile devices. A webmaster can help you control this functionality.

Simplicity is effective: Try to think and act simple. The home page should have an easy-to-understand navigation structure, a sidebar, and columns. The home page also needs to look simple. Also, focus on simple content and information that you wish to share with your intended audience.

Faster load time: By extensively using CSS and JS try to cut down on load time. The faster your site loads on mobile browsers the more are the chances that it would be viewed by users.

Enhance touch mechanism: All thanks to touch smartphones the touch mechanism of opening apps is growing significantly. Keeping touch in mind try to design your menus and features so that they are simpler to use and access!

Contributed by Sachin Aggarwal

Sachin Aggarwal is an experienced Web Design specialist for web portals and currently working with ITchimes as Technical Head. He spends most of his time going through advanced technology for the web.

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  1. Choice 2: Another choice that you have is to make a different portable application. This can be a redone application that can flawlessly keep running on any cell phone. Building an application can be commonly costly and a great deal of exertion goes behind it. You can without much of a stretch go for a versatile application and guarantee that it is highlight rich and has an incentive for the target group


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