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My Passport® Edge™ Portable Computer External Hard Drive

I know for a fact that cloud services is trending like wildfire and most of the  users whether they are using Mac, Windows, or UNIX utilizes the flexibility and power of remote virtual drive. But there are still people like me who does it the old fashion way and that’s owning a portable computer external hard drive.  And one of the newest and best known portable hard drives is now in town called My Passport® Edge™ from Western Digital. Last week, My Passport Edge and My Passport Edge for Mac debuted and gave some ultimate promises for each users who plans to use their portable computer external hard drive and they are – (1) Fast Read/Write capability because of super fast USB 3.0 interface; (2) ultra-compact and sleek design with high capacity offering 500GB internal storage; (3) Automatic backup feature; (4) Password protection and hardware encryption. Well, how about that?

My Passport Edge for Mac

My Passport Edge for Mac

So, whether you are a PC heavy user or a Mac lover you have now the choice to pick one portable computer external hard drive.  If you are a Apple Mac user then you can opt to buy My Passport Edge for Mac portable hard drive. The design of this external hard drive complements the design of the popular MacBook computers and as well as MacBook Air.  This is because the My Passport Edge for Mac are built with an all-aluminum exterior design – not only it looks elegant but tough.  Also, one of the features of this external hard drive is that it is compatible with Apple Time Machine.

My Passport Edge (PC version)

My Passport Edge

As I’ve mentioned, there’s another version of this for PC users called My Passport Edge. This small portable monster incorporates WD SmartWare. This software makes backup more worry-free because it continuously and automatically backups the user’s computer content (when you define it).  This will ensure that all of your files are protected when someone steals your files or worst your computer or laptop.

Pricing and Warranty

Each My Passport Edge and My Passport Edge for Mac are offered with a limited 3-year warranty coverage and they are available on most trusted retailers or you can check it out from Western Digital store from this link –  The SRP or suggested retail price of this portable computer external hard drives are $109.99 for My Passport Edge for PC and $119.99 for the My Passport Edge for Mac.

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