Economical Thermal Printer from Honeywell is Cost Effective and Here’s Why

Economical thermal printer is most commonly used nowadays in most kiosk, hospitals, point of sales systems (also known as POS), and many more. Most companies, establishments, or business owners whether big or small are moving away from laser jet, ink jet and most especially dot-matrix printing and opted to use economical thermal printer. Why? Not only it is effective but by saying economical thermal printer – it means you get more value or services against to how much money you’ve invested. And one of the cost-effective or economical thermal printer introduced to us is Honeywell’s newest economical printer called PC42t.

PC42t Economical thermal printer

PC42t Economical thermal printer – Honeywell knows your business needs!

Yes, Honeywell certainly knows your needs because they have the experience for more than 40 years in barcode printing. And now they are introducing their newest thermal transfer desktop printer product called PC42t. It is not only user-friendly but also affordable – the latter is always good for business, isn’t it?

The PC42t economical thermal printer is compact and light-duty where you can immediately for your business like:

  • Retail shelf price labeling
  • General office packing
  • Shipping labeling
  • Distribution center barcode labeling applications.
  • And many more!

What can Honeywell’s PC42t can do?

Honeywell’s economical thermal printer, PC42t, can and will work with large ribbon sizes. If you are using large ribbon sizes that will reach 110 millimeters or 4.3 inches wide then we recommend you this thermal transfer desktop printer for your business. PC42t can print more and longer before you replenish it – productivity wise, no question about it!

PC42t also has a built-in industry-board that includes USB host wherein you will be given connectivity options – Ethernet, parallel and serial communications. Moreover, the PC42t is also equipped with standard media specifications.A support for Direct Protocol (DP) print languages. This economical thermal printer has ZPLII® and EPL command emulation that makes it an easy upgrade from a variety of competitive printers in the market.

Where can you use PC42t economical thermal printer?

If you are running a health care, retailing, and/or shipping business then you should consider owning a PC42t printer because it is not only cost-effective but also light and perfect for your needs. You can use this light-duty for your labeling needs like for pharmacy-needs, lab labeling, and admissions for hospitals. Also, for labeling tags if you are in retailing business, or for warehouse’s shipping, locations, and put-away labels.

It won’t cost you that much, that is why Honeywell’s PC42t is also cost-effective yet can meet the demands of the wide range of markets globally. The retail price of this economical thermal printer is PhP 12,500 (with LAN) and PhP 11,000 (without LAN). If you are interested and if you want to get more details, you can contact MSI-ECS at [email protected].

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