Best Apps for Making Video – Why You Should Have One Of Them

Best Apps for Making Video
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Social videos are gaining more traction and are a good way to communicate with users. Some are using videos were meant to do online tutorials to earn a living from home. Many brands are turning to video and most of them are struggling to create quality video content due to the lack of proper tools. Coming up with high quality videos that can be shared on social media is part of the strategy businesses are using to drive traffic and eventually conversions. If you are wondering how you could create professional videos to share online, here are the best apps for video making that could help you prepare content quickly.



This app comes with many features that allow you to create professional-grade videos through editing. It maintains high standards and gives you tools to trim a clip, add subtitles and text to your video, and modify the speed of the content as well as add overlays and filters. You could even add background music and choose themes you like for visual effects and music. Best part about the app is that it is free, but you have a few in-app purchases that come as add-ons that you could choose. It is available on both Android and iOS and is definitely one of the best apps for video editing.

Funimate Video Editor

FilmoraGo-Best Apps for Making Video

Funimate is a powerful editor that bills itself as a perfect app for editing music videos or simple content with things you already have in your phone. It comes with 15 video filters that you could use to create your content painlessly, but this is not meant for videos that are destined for serious campaigns. Just simple videos that maybe can communicate a message to your community. You can download some videos that you could re-edit using the amazing download software available on

Adobe Premier Clip

Adobe Premier Clip-Best Apps for Making Video

Adobe Premier Clip is more simplified and gives you a powerful interface on which to do your work. It accomplishes the mission pretty well and can create, edit, and share videos. You can choose one of the many quick editing styles available, and their automatic editing solution will easily generate a video based on the one you upload, and from here you can customize the pace and order of clips. It allows you to also add your preferred music from your library, and once done there is an option to export immediately to social channels. The app is free and effective without the need to upgrade to the paid plans.


Quick-Best Apps for Making Video

Built by GoPro, Quick is awesome video editing software that gives you an easy tool that you can use to create social-ready videos in a matter of minutes. The app offers you an option to add images, music, and videos while editing your videos. What’s more is that you can add emojis, text, and slide titles. There is also a feature for trimming and reordering of the videos and images. Basically, this is the app you will appreciate using while editing actual video content.

With the internet changing, video content is gaining ground and many people now prefer to receive communication via video as opposed to text. More influencers are using apps to edit their video content and most of these apps are freely available as highlighted above.

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