Nitro RC Cars vs Gas RC Cars

Nitro RC Cars vs Gas RC Cars
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If you would like to buy or gift a remote controlled car, you should pick the best. There are different models of RC cars in the market and each is powered by electricity, nitro, or gas. Nitro and gas powered RC cars are common and many people are torn between choosing either of the two. To know which could suit you well, it’s important to first understand how each works and the advantages you draw from owning it.

Here is a comprehensive comparison of nitro RC cars and gas RC cars.

Gas RC cars

Gas RC cars are a recent entry in the RC world, and one of the advantages these over others is that they are easy to maintain and cheap to run. Buying one might be expensive, but you will enjoy a good experience because it allows easy customization. No starter kit is needed to start the vehicle because it comes with a cord that you pull to start the engine.

Pros of gas RC cars

  • Gas powered remote control cars are easy on maintenance and will cost you the least to run.
  • Highly durable and can withstand use on bumpy roads.
  • Most of them are stylish and you can find a design that mimics a car you love in real life.
  • High performance and powerful engine.
  • Can run longer than cars powered by electricity.

Cons of gas RC cars

  • Gas can be dangerous if handled improperly.
  • A bit expensive to acquire one.

Nitro RC cars

Nitro RC cars use nitromethane as fuel and are efficient and smooth even on bumpy roads. The engine comes equipped with a low plug igniter that heats to start the car. The only challenge with nitro RC cars is that you are only able to drive in forward direction. You will find a few high-end models that offer reverse feature, so check this while shopping.

Pros of nitro RC cars

  • No additional tuning is required as the car comes with many features.
  • Good acceleration and can move on uneven grounds without problems.
  • The cars have solid brakes, so you will not hit surfaces you don’t want.
  • It’s simple to operate and can be steered easily compared to other cars.
  • The car offers good run time and is fun to drive.


Cons of nitro RC cars

  • A bit noisy and could annoy your neighbors or inconvenience you.
  • If you are not good in tuning it could be difficult to manage.
  • Fuel can be expensive especially if you use the car for many hours.
  • Not good for indoor use due to the smoke and fumes produced by the engine.
  • Most of the cars cannot go reverse.

Before you buy any RC car, you need to understand how it functions. There are different categories of RC cars including those powered by gas, electricity, and nitro. Your choice of any of these should be guided by different factors discussed here. Consider the power rating and the convenience of engine type before you buy the car.

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