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Personalize Your Apple iPad With Ozaki iCoat Relief Sticker Decals

Would you like to customize or personalize your Apple iPad? It wouldn’t be that hard now with Ozaki iCoat Relief Sticker decals. Ozaki iCoat was also known for their iCoat Finger for iPhone and iPhone 4S which I featured last April. And now I received a tip that these cool iPad back panel Ozaki iCoat Relief Sticker decals is now available here also in the Philippines from MSI-ECS Phils., Inc.  The company is one of the known companies here in the Philippines that provides IT solutions, support and products that you need.  And now, they tipped me that Ozaki iCoat Relief Sticker decals is now available for PHP 1,495.00 (SRP).

Ozaki iCoat Relief Sticker Decals

Don’t let your Apple iPad get more unwanted scratches and get it protected by adding another protective thin layer from Ozaki. With this additional protection, you can assure that you can now avoid having your slated-device from getting more damages from unintentional scratches caused by accidents. And what’s more about it is when you applied this sticker at the back of your Apple iPad and eventually decide to remove it, the Ozaki iCoat Relief sticker decals will leave no marks – like the other ordinary stickers.

Here’s one review of Ozaki iCoat Relief sticker decals from Chris Voss for more information about this iPad protective stickers.

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