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How To Check Your Broadband’s Speed?

The era when only large businesses and households that have critical internet needs have their own broadband connection have passed a long time ago. These days, even small and home based businesses and simple households have their own internet connection that they can utilize for a wide variety of tasks such as receiving and replying to emails, paying bills, chatting with customers, friends and relatives, promoting the business through social media sites, downloading videos and songs, and much more.

What made this possible is the prevalence of ISPs or internet service providers that caters to different subscribers. Businesses can also find a reliable ISP that will suit their internet connection needs through the same source.



Importance of checking the broadband’s speed

However, after getting the ideal ISP that has met all the internet connection specifications, subscribers should not be complacent throughout their internet connection subscription. They may find themselves satisfied with the speed of the internet connection that they are getting but there are chances when they are supposed to be getting more than the current speed that they thought they should already be happy about.

There are a couple of factors that can affect the broadband’s speed. These are the contention ratio, the router, the subscriber’s computer, the distance of the subscriber from the provider’s central office, weather, time of the day, etc. For this reason, it is important to check every now and then if the subscriber is still getting the ideal broadband connection speed that he should be getting with his provider or the provider should do something to bring the connection speed to its optimum level.

How to check the broadband speed

Today, the best way to check the broadband speed is through broadband speed tests offered by different websites. Some websites provide this service for a certain fee but there are a lot of reliable speed test service providers that internet subscribers can go to and test their broadband connection speed for free.

Subscribers can simply search for broadband speed tests in search engines to get a list of reliable broadband speed test providers. And while at it, it would be best to search for the best broadband speed tests that can be relied upon.

Upon reaching the website of the preferred broadband speed test provider, it should be very easy to follow the instructions on how to conduct the speed test. Also, the procedure is as fast as clicking the button that will start the test then waiting for a couple of seconds for the test to finish and release the results.

If the result from the speed test is expressed in kilobits per second (Kbps), you can simply multiply it by 1000 to get the equivalent in megabits per second (Mbps). ISPs normally express the connection speed in Mbps.

Before conducting the speed test, make sure that no downloading is taking place and no other programs are running since these activities will slow down the connection which will result to a low speed test results. The ideal time of the day to conduct the speed test is when there are least people nearby connecting to the internet. For home broadbands, the best time would be in the midday when most people have gone to work or school and there are only a few people in the neighbourhood connecting to the internet. However, it would also be recommended to conduct speed tests at different times of the day.

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