8 Important Video Content Marketing SEO Tips

Video Content Marketing SEO Tips
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As a business owner or entrepreneur, freelancer, digital marketer or advertiser, blogger, artist or just as any professional, you would want your videos to clock the highest views, they should be shared rapidly by the viewers and there should be a substantial engagement with the target audience. The eventual objective is to generate enough traffic to the official website to make a difference.

Just as a website and any type of article or textual blog must be optimized for search engines, videos should also be smartly optimized. The basic concept is the same. You need to target the right keywords and make your video more visible, hence accessible.

Google and other search engines rank videos, just as they rank articles, blogs and whole websites. YouTube is itself a search engine, of course for videos only. There has to be a search engine optimization strategy for your video content marketing to have the desired impact. Here are eight tips to improve the SEO of your video contents.

You need an optimized title. The title should be reasonably short, it should be concise and it should convey what the video is about. It needs to be relevant for the people you are trying to reach out to. Ideally, the title should be exactly what people would use as their search queries. However, it is not always possible to have such a title. The biggest challenge in picking the right title is availability.

You cannot use the same combination of words in the same alignment as other titles that are already available on video sharing sites or indexed pages of search engines. You need a unique title.

Too many videos with the same or similar titles will simply complicate the already fierce competition. Don your hat of creative marketing and come up with a title that is apt for your video and also effective for search engine crawlers or spiders.

You need to use appropriate tags for your videos. The tags are mostly the keywords you wish to target. You should also include words that may not necessarily be the keywords people search but they may have some significance in the context of the video.

If there are popularly used terms associated with the content of the video, be it of products, services, technologies or words that people generally use, then these should be included in the tags.

The purpose of using tags is the same as the title, to have the video indexed properly and to make it more searchable given the relevant search queries.

Every video should have a fitting description. The description should tell the internet users what a video is about, in a little bit more detail than what the title does. Not every internet user will read the descriptions before they click on the video to play it. However, the descriptions help the search engines to rank the video for relevant keywords. If history is anything to go by, then descriptions are extremely important.

There are many videos that have fewer tags but a more elaborate description. All search engines and video sharing websites want to offer relevant contents to their users. The title, tags and descriptions are like a holy triumvirate for search engine optimization of videos.

You should transcribe the video content. Ideally, there should be a whole transcript of the video. This can be provided in the descriptions. Videos with detailed transcription fare well on sites like YouTube because viewers have the luxury to read the content.

It is quite possible some parts of the video are a bit challenging or even odd in some cases for the viewers to properly comprehend what is being said, shown or conveyed. Transcriptions simplify the communication.

All videos should be optimized to be properly displayed or accessible on mobile devices. This is not just about the resolution of the video. The video title, descriptions and tags may have to be reworked. The transcription may have to be summarized or made more concise. This is more a domain of video content marketers than producers but then collaboration is anyway a quintessential requirement.

Google and YouTube have started segregating the rankings of websites and all forms of contents for their desktop and mobile versions. Your videos will be affected with such distinct ranking practices.

Videos should be promoted on all available platforms. It doesn’t matter if a particular medium, be it a social network or social media, video sharing site or a content distribution network, is not entirely relevant. If the platform has enough users or a large audience, then your videos must appear on such platforms. This has a correlation with search engine optimization as all major search engines source data pertaining to traffic and activity from around the web, not select platforms.

Make a budget for your video contents marketing. It is a good idea to make a budget for your video content marketing business. If your channel is new, spend some dollars to buy YouTube comments for your videos. Comments in the videos will boost your channel views. It will definitely help you to grow your channel fast.

Finally, you should use smart texts or captions while promoting videos on multiple platforms. Do not use the same tags, descriptions or even title for all mediums. This will allow you to market the same video in different ways, thereby targeting different keywords on each platform.


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