8 SEO Tools You Probably Didn’t Know About

SEO tools

Do you have a blog that you desire to have the best ranking in search engines? The beauty of any website is attracting traffic – the targeted readers from all over the world.  To spread your content, you need to have a few great SEO tools which will help you attain desirable ranking in the Google and other dominant search engines.

If you use SERP tracker tool, for instance, you will have the right clue of the keywords that will give your blog or website the right to outwit other blogs in the ranking.

If the common SEO tools haven’t worked for you, below are eight tools you can try. You can bet that you didn’t know any of them existed!

KSP Tool

KSP tool gives your website the congestion it deserves. This SEO tool helps to recognise the efficiency of a keyword. It gives you the word count, an approximation of course, of daily or monthly searches.

Enter many keywords, usually up to 12 and run the KSP tool. You will get the count and efficiency of each keyword. With this, every time a reader gets to the search engine, your keywords will be blink with a smile.

Domain Indexing Report (DIR)

Domain indexing tool is an eye opener for you to know the muscles of your competitors in the market.

Check some domains, and you will have a report on the number of pages checked. DIR tool will collect data from Yahoo! Bing and Google and help you see the indexing of the pages.

The secret is to keep running the Domain Indexing report tool to be aware of the changes in the indexing, either an upward or downward trend.

This information will be essential for you to keep optimizing content for your market.

Google Page Speed Insights

Most internet users who browse into your website would want to enjoy a quick site. We live in a high-speed world; therefore you should ensure your site is as speedy as possible.

Google Page Speed Insights, a program developed by Google will quicken the performance by improving the speed of loading the page for personal computers and mobile phones.

This tool will also fix images, a standard size that will advantage the user to use less data bundle.

Google page speed insights will give a quality score of the user’s experience, usually you of 100 Percent.

Key Word Tool

Keyword tool is a free tool for you if you have or will set an account with Google. The experience here is impressive with many options. Examples: you can search in any language.

Just imagine searching using a country, your platform like YouTube, etc. And you still get results as fast.

Long tail keywords have a room with this tool.

However, for more benefits, you can upgrade your account to a premium one and enjoy the benefits that exceed expectation.


You need your content to have a fantastic ranking. Yeah, that is your core goal. The reason why you may not have the material found with ease could be the absence of this SEO tool webmaster.

You can use Google Webmaster Tools + Bing Webmaster Tools. The Google Webmaster and Bing webmaster will show you the areas you need to improve to gain internet mileage.

Your site should have as many referral links; this can only happen if you have attractive and useful content.

Quicksprout Website Analyzer

You may have right, excellent stuff on your website but still, you don’t get the best ranking, traffic and sales you wish to make.

Get this tool, and it will run through every corner of your website. Type your URL. It will give you performance in almost all areas, the score, and recommendations on how to improve. E.g., your speed score.

Similar Page Checker

You need unique content and style on your web page. This tool will give a comparison of how similar your web page is to another.

With SPC your cut down chances of posting similar content to your web.

Copy scape

Copyscape is a must have tool. Key in your URL and find out where else the content exists. It is cool to be plagiarism free website that can kill the credibility of your page.

Precisely, to have a perfect SEO, you need the right tools to make your website outstanding. The higher the traffic, the more you sell services and the better the ranking on Google and Bing.

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