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iPhone 4S Philippines Globe Telecom Joins The Bandwagon Online Registration Now Open

Last month I wrote an article saying that Globe Telecom lost in it’s exclusive love affair with Apple and won’t be getting the latest iPhone 4S on their displays – I guess I spoke too soon. Globe Telecom managed to acquire also the rights from Apple and they are now offering iPhone 4S to all of their consumers or end-users to express their interest by registering directly onto their official website. Yes, they’ve managed to released an official iPhone 4S website ahead of SMART. The rumor started when Yuga exposed that Globe is cooking iPhone 4S on their website, I also tried to check it out but it was already offline when I tested it. But now, it’s alive – so alive! The competition is now becoming “too” tight between these large telecommunication companies or wireless carriers.

Globe iPhone4S

If you go to Globe Telecom official website (link), you’ll be welcomed with a splashed window like the image above showcasing their soon-to-be newest handset that will be joining their family – iPhone 4S.  And if you click on Learn More button you’ll be redirected to Globe Telecom’s official iPhone 4S website.

Globe iPhone4S - Learn More

From this page you can now express your interest and register – it will also ask you if you want to be a post paid subscriber or if you just want the pre-paid kit for iPhone 4S once it is officially released.

Globe iPhone4S - Application

Apparently, we still don’t have any clues as when this will be available.  But my guess it will be a earlier or at least closer to SMART’s launching of iPhone 4S on December.  As for the price, as we’ve predicted since iPhone 4S is not exclusive anymore to just one carrier I am pretty sure that one of them will offer this cheaper than the other.  But there’s one thing I am sure of, iPhone 4S kit will be FREE on both Globe and SMART’s high-end subscription plans.

We will be monitoring this and update you.

Which will you choose now if both SMART and Globe offers iPhone 4S here in the Philippines.

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