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Google Adsense Update: Added Custom Channel Reporting On Dashboard

Although it’s not been officially stated on Google Inside Adsense blog but it’s very clear that Adsense made another change on how it displays the report on your dashboard. I am talking about the Overview page of the new Adsense interface wherein the Top Channels you created are now displaying how much it earned so far and the difference of your earnings compared to the day before (in percentage). This is not actually new for all “old” Adsense publishers because in the old interface you’d also see the top channels and pages where your published ads gets impressions and revenues. However, since Adsense reporting is soon moving from the old interface and get their new interface fully functional for all publishers, they are putting all the possible needed report by their clients. And having this kind of report once you log in unto your account, it will immediately give you some insights on where are you getting your revenue.

The screenshot below is where you will see the new report. It’s somewhere below Product table near the left panel of your browser.

New Adsense Report

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