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Free Samsung Galaxy Y At Globe SuperUnli Plan 599 Unlimited CALL & TEXT

At about two months ago when I posted the availability of Samsung Galaxy Y from SMART and during that time neither the total number of available units and the promo wasn’t cleared yet.  SMART only offered reservations from interested parties or end-users.  And not so long after that news, GLOBE Telecom announced the availability of the same Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 Samsung Galaxy Y (Y stands for Young) on their MySuperPlan phone plans list – believe it or not you can now get your very own Samsung Galaxy Y for PhP 599.00 only, of course it’s going to be a post-paid plan subscription and there will be one-time cash out.

Samsung Galaxy Y Plan 599
MySuperPlan 599 will require Cash-Out Unless you use your Credit Card AutoDebit


So if there’ll be an initial cash-out then how come I am saying it’s free?  If you want to avail the unlimited call and unlimited text/SMS and then still get Samsung Galaxy Y handset for FREE, go directly to any GLOBE centers and tell them that you’ll use your credit card and auto-debit your subscription under  SUPERUNLI Plan 599.  Every month you will be automatically deducted PhP 599.00 from your credit card as for your monthly subscription.


This morning one of my friends, Madcy Lee of, was so kind enough to show us her Samsung Galaxy Y which she got from the Globe under the Plan 599 (SuperUnli Plan). She applied for that plan last week and got her Android smartphone yesterday. Of course, me and my other friend and co-blogger Lineman of started checking out and examining her Samsung Galaxy Y (of course to write our own reviews about it. :)).

At first when I held it, Samsung Galaxy Y felt like heavier as compared to my Samsung Galaxy S II even with its size which is smaller having the dimensions of 104mm x 58mm x 11.5mm and weighing at about 97.5grams but the truth is Samsung Galaxy S II is heavier of course at 116grams.  This smartphone sports Android Gingerbread version 2.3.3 as for its operating system so it means that Samsung Galaxy Y is not really far behind from its Android OS series for smartphones. And almost all of the features I have on my Samsung Galaxy S II is also available on Samsung Galaxy Y.  Some of these features are the capacitive touchscreen whisch is powered by TouchWiz UI, it also have a primary camera situated at the back  of the phone at 2MP (1600×1200 pixels and also has Geo-tagging features), WiFi enabled, and a slot for microSD that is expandable up to 32GB.  By the way, the camera although it’s 2MP I was actually amazed when I took some shots.  The images aren’t that bad, no, actually they’re clear and the colors are vivid – the trick is proper lighting around your target.

But let me tell you guys, Samsung Galaxy Y is not a high-end Android smartphone so do not expect too much from it in terms of full performance and features.  As I’ve said before on my previous post about Samsung Galaxy Y, this smartphone is not for you if you’re looking for a phone that can handle heavy applications and simultaneous multitasking activities.  This is just enough for your daily needs and with Globe SuperUnli Plan 599, well you can send SMS and call your friends all you want – all day and all night – for as long as they’re using Globe and/or TM SIM packs.  But just to reiterate, Samsung Galaxy Y is considered by Samsung as the fastest smartphone when compared to other low-range mobile phones.

Actually, I myself is planning to buy one for myself before this year ends since most of my contacts are GLOBE users so it will be quite an advantage for me if I can call and text them anytime – no limit at all.  By the way, I asked the price of Samsung Galaxy Y from one of the Samsung mobile shop and they told me if you are going to pay them cash you can get this smartphone at Php 5,799.00 – probably less from other mobile shops.

Here are some  of the shots while we unboxed Samsung Galaxy Y and the images we took from this smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Y Unboxing

Samsung Galaxy Y Unboxing from Globe

Samsung Galaxy Y Package Globe


Samsung Galaxy Y Unboxing Look and Feel

Samsung Galaxy Y Unboxing Side Panel

Samsung Galaxy Y Unboxing Bottom Panel

(Will be updating this with more images – ‘still uploading them)


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