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Facebook For Android Will Push An Update Today

Finally after almost two months of waiting from the last Facebook for Android update which I received last October, they finally announced that Facebook for Android will be pushing their latest update today and will be available in the Android Market. Apparently, they indeed said that the update will be available within the day however we’re still not seeing any updates in the Android Market – maybe before the day ends today.  The last Facebook update version I had was on October and the version was 1.7.2.  There were reported bugs which for me is normal considering that Facebook for Android is being used by different Android smartphones – so I am sure that there will be compatibility issues depending on the handset you’re using.

Facebook for Android

Since ICS or Android Ice Cream Sandwich is already out on some of the latest smartphones, hopefully this latest Facebook for Android would be able to blend well or integrate properly – this is actually one of the concerns of new Android smartphone users.

What’s new with the latest Facebook for Android?

According to The Facebook Blog written by Keith Peiris just a couple of hours ago, we should be expecting a much faster and easier to navigate Facebook app than it was before.

New Facebook For Android Features

Viewing photos, messages, notifications and navigating around the Facebook for Android app was made easier and faster this time.  When viewing photos or images, according to Facebook this latest update will be twice as faster as compared before.  Also you can now easily share your photos, view comments, and easily edit the captions on each photo or album.  But I guess this “speed” will still depend on your Internet connection speed.  As for the messages and notifications, like the last update for iPhone and iPad, it will be situated on the top of your display and will be sitting there even if you swipe away from your current window – this will make the feeds, messages and notifications available on every screen.  Also, the menus where you will see the other features of your Facebook app is now on the left-side of your Facebook app.

I am still waiting for Facebook to push the update in the Android Market today but if you wanted to check it yourself, you can check it from this link which will redirect you to Android Market’s official website.

Once you update your Facebook for Android app, please feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us.

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