Angry Birds Space Hits 10 Million Downloads In Three Days

I just can’t get enough playing of these cool space birds hitting on those space pigs on an unknown galaxy – Angry Birds Space. And today, I am sharing this game with an almost ten million others who have downloaded the game and enjoying the game. Yes, Angry Birds Space hits ten million downloads in three days after it was officially released for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC desktop and Mac.  And Rovio, the company who created this and made it possible to re-create it on almost all different platforms.  I myself is becoming quite addictive to the game for the last few days since I downloaded it.

Angry Birds Space 10Million Downloads

If you haven’t tried it yet, it wouldn’t hurt you if you try to download it and play with it for a few minutes and I am pretty sure that you’ll find this game pretty awesome. It’s not actually a total waste of time because on this game you have to create a good formula to hit those space pigs with one sling.

Worrying where you can play with Angry Birds Space? Whether you are into Android, iPhone, iPad, PC Desktop, or Mac, Rovio had made an Angry Birds Space for you.  You can check my previous post to download the Angry Birds Space for your platform – Download Angry Birds Space for Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac.

You can follow the Twitter thread #AngryBirdsSpace to see what I mean – it’s going viral.

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