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Another iPhone 4S Bug – No Outgoing Audio When Calling

It was October of last year when Apple started receiving a few issues from their end subscribers such as the antenna issue which was immediately resolved. But not too soon after that there were more incoming complaints like the drastic dropping of battery life which was evidently found that an iOS 5 related issue – which seems to be still an issue and also there’s the echoing sounds during voice calls.  And not to forget the data speed problem with iPhone 4S users subscribed under Sprint.  Now, another issue was brought up in “Apple Support Community”, a support forum for all Apple users and the title of this growing thread is “iPhone 4S – Outgoing call no audio“.  The thread actually started last October 17 by a user having a cybername – TheAmdMAN.

iPhone 4S No Audio Call

The unfortunate thing about this, since the thread was started back in October it’s giving all the iPhone 4S users the impression that nobody from Apple really cared about the problem.  The thread has now 1762 replies and 168316 pageviews.  Some other users have been trying to resolve this on their own by either turning on the speaker of their handset or some are using earphones to call.

It’s not only iPhone 4S users are having this problems, there were also claims in the thread that iPhone 4 are also having similar issues.  Apple haven’t gave any announcement yet if there will be any fix for this and they haven’t respond to this growing thread – too sad.  Also there’s no indication that the fix will be included in the upcoming releases of iOS 5.   You can check the thread here – iPhone 4S – Outgoing call no audio

Are you also experiencing the same problem?

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