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How to Set Up a 6 Monitor Setup Trading Computer

A 6 monitor setup will strengthen your trading game. As a trader, you have a lot of variables to consider. An effective trading setup can go a long way in helping you execute your trades.

Why You Need a Multiple Monitors When Trading

As mentioned above, multiple monitors can help you micromanage your trades. Since the trading system happens in real time, you need to monitor all variables all at once. That can be hard when you’re just using one or two monitors.

Switching to different tabs is tedious. There’s a good chance you’ll miss important trading indicators and fail to execute your plan because you’re not glued to that information.

When it comes to setting up monitors for trading, the more the merrier. However, a 6 monitor setup is a good setup for beginners to intermediate traders. Don’t worry because you can add more depending on how flexible your setup is.

Tips in Buying Monitors for Your Trading Setup

The quality of the monitors you’re buying is just as important as the number of monitors in your setup. You could have a monitor setup but if the quality is not up to par, it might be difficult to spot key indicators. Here are some tips that will help you buy monitors for your trading setup

Decide Whether to Get an Ultrawide Monitor or Not

You don’t necessarily have to get an ultrawide monitor. However, because of its size, you can fit more on your screen. It allows you to maximize the potential of your 6 monitor setup.

According to a study conducted at Harvard Medical School, there’s also a scientific benefit to using ultrawide monitors. It encourages better immersion when you look at the screen. This type of monitor also engages the peripheral vision, which helps in minimizing eye strain and fatigue.

On the other hand, this might not be the best option if you’re planning to mount your monitors. Curved ultrawide monitors tend to be more challenging to mount than flat monitors.

Compare Resolution

You need to have sharp eyes to spot critical details on your screen. That’s hard to do if your 6 monitor setup doesn’t have a high resolution.

The higher the resolution, the better you’ll be able to see small details like the titles and sidebar. You can easily spot these details even from afar. Many traders also watch for chryons and having a high resolution screen can help you spot that easily.

Ideally, you should have at least 1920 x 1080p screen resolution. If your budget will allow you to go higher than that, all the better.

Choose an Ergonomic Monitor

Trading involves sitting in front of the computer, staring at your screen for hours. That can be tiring if your 6 monitor setup isn’t ergonomic. So try looking for monitors with ergonomic features.

These types of monitors have adjustable features. You can tilt or swivel them to achieve the best viewing angle. Choose the right position that won’t strain your neck.

Go for a VESA-Compatible Monitor

VESA is the interface used by most TV and monitors for mounting. What’s great about VESA mounts is that you can hook up multiple monitors to just one mount. Since you’re going to have a multi-monitor setup, you need a mounting device that can cater to a lot of monitors. This will help you avoid a cluttered and complicated setup.

Your VESA mount will also enable top and side by side mounting options. It offers a lot of flexibility when arranging your 6 monitor setup.

Choose a Monitor with a Blue Light Filter

Much has been said about the negative effects of blue light on the body. The light emitted by monitors can affect your body’s circadian rhythm or its sleep cycle. Exposure to too much blue light could mess up your sleep patterns.

And since you have a 6 monitor setup, your chances of experiencing these negative effects are higher. This is why you need to choose monitors that have an integrated blue light filter.

Tips to Create a Comfortable 6 Monitor Setup

If you tend to trade for hours, make sure your setup is comfortable. Sitting all day can cause all sorts of aches and pains. Here are the things that you can do to make sure you can trade comfortably:

1. Choose a good location for your trading setup.

Avoid too much glare from the sun that can affect the resolution of your computer. You should get ample natural light in your trading space but make sure your monitors are not directly hit by the sun. That way, you can see the contrasts in your screen and spot crucial information faster.  

2. Buy a sturdy and good-sized table.

You’re going to install multiple monitors. You need a strong and sturdy table to hold the weight of your 6 monitors and your computer. It should be spacious enough for all your trading paraphernalia.

Look for those tables that already come with slots or holes for all the wires that will go to your computer and monitors. It’s easier to organize your setup and avoid a web of wires with these tables.

3. Choose a comfortable chair.

Buy a comfortable chair as well. A swivel chair is also a good choice since you will be transferring from one monitor to another. They also come with adjustable functions, so you can choose the height that feels more comfortable to you.  

Go for an ergonomic chair that can provide a good amount of back support. Sitting all day can take a toll on your lower back. Chairs with a flexible back can promote active sitting.


Assembling a 6 monitor setup need not be too complicated. There are a lot of powerful trading computers today that will help you execute your trades. Just find the right monitors to go with them and you’re great to go. You can use this setup for many more years to come.

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