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New Process: How To Apply As An Adsense Publisher To Monetize Your Blog

Mid last week, Max Cohen – the Product Manager of Google Adsense posted a press release on their official blog site where he explained the new process of applying for an Adsense account as a publisher in hope to provide you(us) additional income from the website or blog site we’ve created or about to create.  For those who are not yet familiar or doesn’t even know how the application works before, well here it is.  Prior to this announcement, if you have an existing blog site or website or if you’re in the process of building your new site, you just need to send your application along with the information required by Google Adsense – basically that’s it.  You just need to wait for an email notification from Google Adsense if they’d approved your application or not.  If in any case they didn’t approved your application, along with it is the reason “why” they rejected your request.  And of course the possible solution will be provided unless the website you’ve submitted doesn’t directly violates Google Adsense’ TOS (Term of Service).

Now about that new application process, all new applicants will still go through the same old process but with an additional step.  Here’s the stripped message from Max Cohen:

Google Adsense New Process

So, from now on there will be 2 steps before you can actually get your own Adsense (Publisher ID) PUB ID.

Step 1: Submit your application through Google Adsense along with all the details needed. Google Adsense will start with their normal check-ups on your application and the website where you will publish the ads.

Step 2: Once it passes the first step, Adsense will now send a notification to the applicant along with a code. Now, this code should be placed on the applicant’s website and Google Adsense emphasized that this code should be applied unto the website submitted or the whole process will be incomplete and will never be completed.

Once Google Adsense makes the final review they will send again an email but this time this is going to be the final email notification to the applicant.

By the way, when the initial code has been provided to the applicant it won’t show any Google Ads but rather blank units. But once the applicant received the final email notification and approved the application, by that time the ads will automatically be displayed.

For more details of this new process, you can read Google Adsense new process from their blog.

For most Asia-Pacific applicants (and other selected regions/countries), I am not sure though if the process will still be the same where you have to wait until your website matures for six months with updated posts.

Do you think this is a good move from Google Adsense?

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