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Adsense “Site” Performance Report – You Can Now Maximize Your Adsense Account

Are you one of those website owners or bloggers who owns not only one website? Or are you one of those bloggers who signed up into other blog site, crowdsourcing website such as hubpages and snipsly where they allow you to publish your Google Adsense ad units? If your answer is YES, my next obvious question is how do you monitor your earnings from each domains? Maybe you’re still using URL channels to track your daily earning from these domains or subdomains, right? Well, there’s definitely nothing wrong if you’re using this reports from your Google Adsense Dashboard – that is if you’ve only posted a few articles on those domains or subdomains. But what if your articles already reached 50 or more? It will be tedious for you to put them one by one on your channels, right? Worry no more, because there’s a new feature released yesterday by the Google Adsense Team which allows you now to view from which domain(s) or subdomain(s) your earnings came from.  Here’s an example screenshot from Google Adsense:

Google Adsense Site Report


The new feature can be found on the new Google Adsense Interface, on the left pane or sidebar and it’s called Sites.  You don’t need to put now all the URLs of each post(s) you made on other domains or subdomains where your ad units are published.  With this, you can easily check regularly on which domains or websites you’re earning more or less.  And another thing that I noticed and you SHOULD address this as soon as possible, you might see other unknown domains there like what I saw from my report which were not familiar to me.  This is something that you should be happy about because we don’t know why are they publishing our ad units.  This is quite alarming as they might use it illegally or inappropriately and might go against Adsense’ TOS – such as invalid clicks.  Don’t wait until your account is suspended where you can no longer ask Adsense to re-instate it.

To address the potential issue I mentioned above, Google Adsense has an additional feature where you can define the domains or subdomains where you want your ad units to be published.  You can check the steps from this link – How do I add sites to my Allowed Sites list.

Kudos Adsense!

[Source: Google Adsense]


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