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Wireless Car Chargers & Many Things to Go Wireless in 2021

Every single day, tech companies make advancements in technology. One of the most mainstream latest technologies is wireless charging. Since its inception, wireless charging has evolved in a great way. Today, you can even have a wireless car charger in transit. How much more convenient are you looking for?

It’s now the norm to find a wireless car charger inside someone’s car. In fact, you’d be more surprised by not finding one. But then here’s why wireless car chargers have become so popular – the world is going wireless. Many industries are tirelessly trying to implement wireless technology in their products. And aside from the wireless car charger, here are other items likely to go wireless in 2021:

Mobile Devices

Currently, only a few notable brands have wireless charging phones, with Samsung being one of them. But the good news is that there’s been an increase in the number of smartphones adopting wireless technology. Huawei is the latest to jump on the bandwagon of wireless devices. The iPhone X is also looking forward to implementing the same in most of its upcoming models.

The basic standard of wireless charging is Qi. Most manufacturers building wireless devices use the same. Therefore, even as you purchase a wireless car charger, make sure that it is based on the Qi technology.


Smartwatches are an important accessory nowadays. And with Apple and Samsung being the leading providers of these watches, they are slowly rolling out wireless ones. This is great for those who use watches on a regular because you can even charge them on the go. Yes, you can use a wireless car charger to juice it up when you don’t want to be late to work or whatever the reason. Initially, you could only juice up your smartwatch using a cable. But this is definitely changing in 2021.

Car Chargers

This should not even come as a shock due to the rapid nature of its adoption. Many people are now implementing chargers in their cars. They are convenient and help juice up devices on the go. But the problem was with wired chargers. They just didn’t seem to deliver as much, especially due to the distractions they create. For instance, you need to struggle with wires all over the dash when you want to charge your phone.

On the flip side, a wireless car charger provides a better alternative to charging devices. You no longer have to contend with tangling wires that often cause distractions on the road.

Enhanced Wireless Location Tracking

Location tracking has always been wireless for a while now. However, a key trend is to have wireless communication systems tracking the location of devices that are connected to them.

And we’re not just talking about normal tracking, but rather an enhanced high-precision tracking to about 1-m accuracy. This is bound to be a feature in the coming year for 5G standards. This includes location sensing that’s integrated with the core wireless network.

This enhanced location tracking is set to improve performance and precision, as compared to other systems such as inertial navigation and fingerprinting.

Vacuum Cleaners

Home cleaning has a boost thanks to technological advancements. All along, people have been using corded vacuum cleaners when cleaning their houses. But a recent technology that’s perhaps going to take center stage in 2021 is the use of wireless vacuum cleaners. They are also known as robotic vacuum cleaners.

These cleaners don’t need to be plugged in to work. In fact, they don’t even need you to be around for them to work right. You can even program them to start operating at a certain time, and they do so. Some work on the go and recharge on their own once the battery power goes down. Imagine how convenient that could be in a home. They are thorough enough even for those with pets and pet hairs all over the house.

There are tons of big names in the industry already creating wireless vacuum cleaners. More will come into the market in 2021.

The Future of Wireless Charging, Including an Enhanced Wireless Car Charger in 2021

The future of wireless charging has a lot of prospects and hopes. First-generation wireless chargers, such as the typical wireless car charger, only allow charging from a close distance through induction. This limits how much you can use your phone when charging.

For instance, when you want to pick up your phone when it’s on a wireless car charger, you’ll have to lift it up. This is unless you want to pick up the call hands-free. It’s a sharp contrast from their former counterparts – the wired chargers.

However, technology is promising a wireless car charger that can charge your device even from a distance. But this is still in the pipeline, and there’s still much to expect in the future. In fact, for the incoming sets of wireless car chargers, the distance has increased by 10 centimeters. And as technology keeps on changing positively, we could easily see a wireless car charger that transmits power through the air across several meters.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are some of the devices that we expect to go wireless and to advance their wireless technology. Purchase your own wireless car charger to experience the full benefits of wireless charging on the go.

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