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Windows 8 Virtual Assistant Speaktoit Free Download

Windows 8 virtual assistant is now available and this is all thanks to Speaktoit. This is the same group of developers who popularized the same virtual assistant for Android since its birth back in 2011.  We have introduced to you all before Speaktoit virtual assistant as one of the greatest rivals of iPhone 4s’ Siri for Android smartphones. Since then, there had been many new virtual assistant developers which have been trying to join the bandwagon and beating down each other. Among of these, it seems that Speaktoit virtual assistant for Android have proven to all their versatility and became the most popular app for Android smartphones and tablets.

Speaktoit Windows 8 Virtual Assistant

Speaktoit Windows 8 Virtual Assistant

Windows smartphones and tablets is not that far behind in the industry. However, like Android Microsoft smartphones and tablets has a relative lack of virtual assistant options. And this is where Speaktoit Windows 8 virtual assistant plays the role to complete your smartphone. Ask any questions, directions, weather, or almost anything under the sun – this app will try to give you back with relative answers.

There are other Windows 8 virtual assistant available from Windows store and one of which is “Ask Ziggy” for Windows Phone but Speaktoit Windows 8 virtual assistant is already the favorite of many users.

Features of Speaktoit Windows 8 Virtual Assistant

There are numerous reasons why you should you install this free virtual assistant app on your Windows 8 (WP8) devices. Among the features of this app are as follows:

  • Natural language dialog
  • Virtual assistance
  • Speech recognition and generation
  • Navigation
  • Open websites
  • Weather
  • Music playback
  • Internet search
  • Calendar management
  • Translation
  • News
  • Unit conversion
  • Task and notes management
  • Reference information lookup
  • Find restaurants (Yelp, TripAdvisor)
  • Update status in social networks

I have been using Speaktoit since it was launched back in 2012 on my Samsung Galaxy S II and until now I find it useful and interesting. Most especially when there is something that I need to know.

If you are interested to download Speaktoit virtual assistant app for your Windows 8 devices, you can go to their official download site – Speaktoit Windows 8 virtual assistant. Then select your own personalized avatar and start asking questions. 🙂


  1. I love this product on my android but it doesn’t seem to recognize my voice very well on my voice on Windows 8. I have changed my microphone settings every which way, but it hardly knows I’m saying a word. There is no “help” section on the Speaktoit website either…anybody know what to do?


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