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Why Google Plus Might Be the SNS for the Biz

Google plus failed to capture the world, even after a mighty try by Google to insert it, to an extent forcefully, into Google user’s ecosystem. What caused this is rather difficult to say as every expert has his list of reasons.

But it would be equally unwise to completely tick off this social media site from your list. Even though at a rate which Google would love to increase manifolds, more and more businesses are moving towards Google Plus.

This is an indirect acknowledgment of the fact that Google Plus has tremendous potential which can be milked for greater financial purposes.


Technology is always evolving and for Google Plus, it has never seen a bigger change than it is seeing now. It is now seeing a steady inflow of traffic after remaining in a graveyard for a long time. With businesses trying to adopt the SOLOMO principle, which stands for social, local, and mobile, there are revolutionary shifts in marketing strategies.

The focus of these companies has shifted from being the top rank holder in the SERP to the most globally known and recommended brand. There is no other way than to go social for this.

Local SEO is also becoming important because of Google’s increased importance on displaying locally relevant results depending on the user’s location. Mobile, as we have pointed out several times, is going to replace the desktop and laptop soon and with a one-third share in the search market, the companies are forced to cater to this segment well too.

The old policies of link building and link earning and article submission are thus becoming obsolete at a very fast rate.

The SOLOMO approach places increased importance on customer-focused and personally engaging results and sites, rather than search engine crawler-related efforts.

SOLOMO adopts a finely targeted approach for each consumer and contextually significant search result is no need of the hour.

Let us discuss this a bit more to explain in detail.

Google’s Database Strength

There is perfectly no rival or equal of Google when it comes to databases. With the biggest database in the world under their belt, they can give you the best local listing results.

The database they have not only is diverse but also has enough in-depth data to make anyone amazed. This is why Google Plus can give better connectivity and accurate results.

Google’s Global Presence

It is true that there are services like Yelp and FourSquare that are delivering better results now and might look very promising as of now. But it is due to Google’s global presence which will take them to a better place soon enough.

Using the Google database like we earlier spoke about and also using the global presence, Google Plus has this unique advantage of delivering global as well as local results to customer satisfaction.

Using the Android Success to Own Advantage

As SOLOMO is hugely dependent on the success of mobile presence and as Android is the world’s; leading mobile platform right now, also as Android is Google’s product, Google can very well use this product to its own advantage.

As these smartphones handle almost all of our interactions and note them and send a huge chunk of that to Google, Google has a live database right in our pockets.

Google can very easily tap all the Android data to improve the search results and connectivity’s in Google Plus. As a result, the results will become very targeted as well as personalized.

Personalized because Android gives all the data to Google using the location, the choices, the eating habit, the spending habit, and our reading and entertainment interests as well.

Businesses will be able to use this data and target their marketing initiatives even better. The targets will be contextual so the response rate will increase as well.

Presently, these are mere speculations but we base these speculations on solid data and logical interpretation of data. Things might turn up unexpectedly to change these observations but then for those unexpected changes, there can be no prediction.

Google Plus is doing a great job and the way they are increasing, they might be on the correct track.

Contributed by Pushpendra Shukla

Pushpendra Shukla is working with Search Eccentric as an Internet Marketing Analyst. If you want a complete solution on SEO then select the Best SEO Services in India and achieve the expected results.

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