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What Every New Restaurant Owner Needs to Know

As restaurants evolve with the latest technology, getting a quality POS system has become a goal for many owners and franchisees who want to make their business run smoothly and grow to be more profitable. Or even finding a suitable and nice restaurant isn’t that hard nowadays. For example, if you want to find the best vegan restaurants in West Hollywood. With the new technology, we can easily find it.

While it may be difficult to think that a simple tool like a POS matters this much, but with today’s technology for point-of-sale, it really is the most beneficial way to upgrade your restaurant with one, simple change.

There are a number of features that new restaurant owners should know about these point-of-sale systems.

Quick Menu Lookup

There are shortcuts with newer POS systems that allow your employees to easily access menus and even popular changes, such as switching out a sauce or requesting a different protein. These drastically change the time on inputting an order and successful communication with your kitchen system.

Multiple Payment Options

New POS systems also don’t have to be completely run by your wait staff and managers. You can actually use tabletop software to give your guests the ability to order what they want when they want, allowing you to get bigger orders and faster food runs to your guests. This also reduces wait times and improves your customer satisfaction.

In addition, guests can split payments, add tips, and even join your loyalty program through a user-friendly, quality POS system.

Inventory Control

One of the biggest problems for any restaurant is running out of an item needed for a popular dish. You will hear guests complain about their evening being ruined because they weren’t able to order their favorite dish. Perhaps it’s something that your restaurant is known for, too. When this happens, you could blame the popularity of the dish or you could blame the system you have in place for keeping up with your inventory.

New POS systems simply don’t have this issue. You can quickly resolve problems with inventory shortages by hooking up your POS to your inventory management system. Now your system will automatically know when you are low on a certain ingredient, protein, or wine, giving you ample time to put in the order. You can even plan for seasonal menus and popular weeks at your restaurant so that you always have enough on hand.

Employment Management

Every restaurant should have a clear view of their management and wait staff. You want to be able to see who is doing what and what kinds of sales you are getting from which employees. New POS systems can also operate as a time clock and productivity meter, giving you the ability to tap into performance analytics if you wish.

Sales Reports with Live Analytics and Data Tracking

Do you want to have your finger on the pulse of your restaurant at all times? When your bottom line is always coming up, you need to be able to see daily, if not hourly reports, of how well your business is doing. With modern POS systems, you can simply look at real-time reports to see sales, profit and loss statements, promotion success, inventory loss, and much more. You can help your business by using these reports to create better opportunities to satisfy customers as well.

For example, sales reports show that you constantly have big nights after sports games. Why not put a promotion in motion that will bring in more people? You can track all of the sales from the promotion using the POS as well. As a business owner, you have to have confidence in your approach to sales growth and management. Restaurants can benefit greatly from updating their system tools and resources. A POS system is one step to helping your business grow every day.

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