What are the 7 Myths When Starting A Blog You Need To Know

Once you’ve got an idea for a blog, it can feel intimidating to take the next steps towards actually making it happen. The truth is, even if you have a great idea, it can be easy to get bogged down with worries and doubts. For those looking to start a new blog — whether for profit or pleasure — there are 7 myths in particular that tend to hold us back. Luckily, they’re just that: Myths!

Myths When Starting A Blog

If you’re curious about starting your blog and are ready to find out the truth behind these discouraging myths, check out our list below!

It Can’t Be Done

False! Strangely enough, one of the most popular myths floating around is that you can’t just start a blog for profit. The truth is, there are people just like you who are running successful blogs every day, and there’s no reason you can’t join their ranks. Blogging is not something that you start out being great in: Just like everything else, it’s a learnable skill. As long as you are willing to dedicate the time, you can start a blog too!

You’ll Never Make Money Blogging

False! The second myth we want to tackle is that you’ll never make any money blogging. For some reason, people believe that you’ll only be able to make money once you’re years down the line and have a million regular followers. Truthfully, you’ll be able to monetize your blog as quickly as you want, but it’ll take some work to get the money you want. Whether you decide to offer courses with a membership rate, make money through affiliate sales, or are simply looking to offer coaching services, there are plenty of ways to make a reliable income on your blog.

You’ll Need Tons Of Traffic

False! Plenty of blogs are making money with low page views. You won’t need 30,000 people are your email list before you start making a full-time income. All you really need is to have a firm understanding of what your readers are looking for.

You Can Make Money Off Of Anything

It’s important to remember that you’ll want to focus on something you’re passionate about. If you’re not passionate about finances, you probably won’t make any money blogging about personal finances. People love those who are genuine!

You’ll Need Plenty Of Posts To Start

In an ideal world, you’ll want to start with 5-10 posts before you try to attract readers, but that’s not always possible. Sometimes, it’s easier to run before you can walk, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with starting with a single post. Blogging is more focused on progress, not perfection! Start with a single post and figure out where you want to go from there.

You Won’t Have To Market

As much as I’d love to tell you that blogging is only about writing pretty posts, it’s not. Marketing is going to be a huge part of the business no matter how big you get. With millions of blogs out there, you’ll need to work hard to get the attention you deserve, but I promise it will be worth it. Once you get used to marketing, it’ll feel like second nature to you!

Blogging Is Expensive

Of all the myths we’ve listed here, this is possibly the most prevalent. It’s easy for those who have never started a blog to tell you that it’s not feasible because it’s expensive. The truth is, there are plenty of ways to start blogging for just a few dollars. When it comes to hosting, check MangoMatter’s review here for the service that will work best for you. Once you’ve decided on hosting, all that’s left to do will be to create your blog and shoot forward! You’d be surprised at the number of free resources that are out there for beginner bloggers!

While starting out in blogging can be intimidating, it’s not impossible! Once you’ve found the topic you’re passionate about, chosen a hosting plan that’s right for you, and started to study up on marketing and web design, you’ll be able to start a blog just like the pros. It’s starting that’s always the hardest part. Remember: Blogging is an art, not a science. Be wary of myths out there and be sure to trust in yourself. Blogging is something anyone can get started in, and there’s no reason you can’t be successful.


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