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Western Digital WD AV-GP To Support MMDA Surveillance Systems

A tipster informed me that MMDA will be using Western Digital WD AV-GP to support this government agency’s surveillance systems.  Well this is a first for me. I don’t usually post a press release about our government’s move in the field of technology, but I guess I will be making an exception for this one.  To be honest, I am not a Western Digital lover guy but I don’t have anything against the company. It’s just that I had a bad experienced with their hard disk some 10 years ago. And since then I have been using a different storage product.  However, I’ve been hearing good reviews nowadays about Western Digital and its products. And now, MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) have recently announced that the agency will now be using Western Digital’s WD AV-GP to support their 24×7 CCTV cameras around the metro.

Western Digital WD AV-GP

MMDA will be provided with 28TB hard drives as an additional storage device for the agency’s around-the-clock surveillance operation.  It’s not new to every Philippine (Pinoy) motorists that MMDA provides a real-time video live feeds of the traffic situation here in the metro.  With this kind of service coming from MMDA, it enables us to be updated, informed and as much as possible aware of the traffic situation before we leave or if we’re on the road.  It helps us to find the quickest route to our destination.  Also, the real-time video live feeds of traffic situation around the metro are being used by other users and shared through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

With the aid of Western Digital through WD AV-GP hard drives, reliability and quality storage for videos captured by MMDA’s traffic camera will no longer be a problem.  Since requests for footage which normally takes 2 weeks to get routed, it’s now a welcoming change to have the MMDA’s storage capacity for CCTV traffic video archives increase from only 7 days (before) to 30 days now using the latest storage technology from Western Digital.

Advantages of using Western Digital WD AV-GP for MMDA

I am also curious about this matter and have been asking myself how can using Western Digital WD AV-GP hard drives can really boost MMDA’s service.  Western Digital WD AV-GP hard drives were designed for 24×7 operations because it can last “always-on” mode for video streaming.  This is one of the best feature of WD AV-GP hard drives and another one is its power consumption saver feature.  Western Digital have this technology called  IntelliSeek, IntelliPark, and IntelliPower technologies.  The combination of these three technologies, it reduces the power consumption by up to 40% compared with the company’s competitors.  Well, there’s another one actually and you won’t really notice this because it was made to behave like that – Whisper quiet.  The noise level generated by WD AV-GP was minimized (less than one sone) which is below the threshold of human hearing.

Now that we’re seeing some good changes on MMDA (technology side), I just hope that it would also reflect on the kind of service they are providing to the country.

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