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Virtual Numbers for Perfect World: What Are the Benefits?

Everyone has their own ideas about the ideal world. But implementing them is not always easy. One of the most popular games of the last decade, Perfect World, created by Chinese developers, allows you to do it according to your unlimited imagination. Millions of fans around the world design their ideal worlds. In the process of doing that, they share with each other the most extraordinary ideas about its structure and rules.

  • To connect to this community, just enter the code from the SMS message during registration
  • It is much easier to connect with a Chinese operator’s phone number.
  • Using disposable numbers from HotTelecom, you can do it in a matter of minutes and mere pennies

What Are the Benefits of Using Virtual Numbers for Registration

If you use virtual phone numbers for Perfect World registration, you will avoid numerous dangers of making your phone number public:

  • When registering on any websites on the Internet, it is better to avoid indicating your permanent phone number. Most users tie to their phone numbers a lot of personal information, including bank card data. If you don’t want this information to fall into the wrong hands, protect it with disposable phones.
  • If your account registered to a permanent phone number is blocked, you will not be able to register another one with it. Using disposable phone numbers from HotTelecom, you can create as many accounts as you need. And blocking is absolutely not terrible for you!

How to Buy a Disposable Virtual Number?

  • Register on the HotTelecom website and deposit at least $5 into your account.
  • Choose One-Time SMS from a wide range of company services.
  • Select the country of the operator you need, and in a couple of clicks, you get a one-time number.
  • After you use the received code for registration on the Perfect World website, the phone number will be deactivated.

The road to the Perfect World begins with a simple and easy registration, which you will successfully go through with a one-time virtual number from HotTelecom.

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