Video Games Are Actually Good for Your Health

Video Games are Actually Good for Your Health

While it’s true that playing video games makes people less likely to step outside and soak in the sun, they also bring you some great benefits.

Surprisingly, video games are capable of helping in the improvement of your emotional, mental and physical health. Games improve people in ways that were never expected, whether it’s playing World of Warcraft with friends, pulling out the Wii Fit, or playing Call of Duty solo.

Before you get into the top health benefits of video games, this does not give you an excuse for spending hours on end gaming. Moderation and limitation have to be applied. So without further ado, what kind of health benefits can you expect from gaming?

Overcoming Dyslexia

Playing video games has had some remarkable effects in overcoming the learning difficulty of dyslexia. While dyslexia and why it is present in some people are not fully understood, there are theories and you cannot dispute the results from studies.

One of the theories is that a lack of attention leads to dyslexia.

Computer games force players to concentrate for long stretches of time.

In fact, you might not even realize that you are actually concentrating on one thing for such a long time. Since you are focusing so intently on a single task, your brain changes the way it works; however, there are studies being carried out to understand the full extent of this benefit.

You Become More Physical

Since their first invention, computer games have made major strides. A while back, children and adults had to sit for hours on end trying to complete diverse missions and trying to get to the end of a game.

Remember that time you had to sit for hours trying to complete levels on games like the original Mario because they had no save function?

Today, games like Wii Fit, Just Dance, and Guitar Hero all involve a physical aspect.

They require you to stand and dance around your room, building your muscles, improving posture, and focus on weight loss, all at the same time!

Improving Cognitive Abilities

It’s said that you need to keep your brain working at all times to keep it functioning at its highest level. While some people prefer focusing on Sudoku puzzles and crosswords, others are finding it better to focus on computer games – and they are helping.

Think about how much brainpower is required, or expended, while playing computer games.

Your cognitive abilities, such as memory, are boosted and you feel good about yourself as memory improves – helping you overcome any task in the real world, such as performance tuning in SQL by Stackify – as you beat your last high scores.

This leads to the growth of your hippocampus, lowering the risk of developing conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s later in your life.

Improving Social Skills and Build Connections

It’s well known that playing games help improve your social skills. Most gaming units available allow players to connect to each other online.

Some of the connection is via live chats or headsets, while others offer players forums for connecting with other like-minded gamers.

Improving Social Skills and Build Connections

Gaming offers a platform where you get to know other people from various parts of the world, and everyone celebrates together, inculcating the feeling of belonging.

The stress aspect in gaming makes it so that you need to make your communication as concise and clear as possible by letting other players know where you are and what you need from them.

Communication in the real world becomes much easier, especially when you feel stressed or under pressure. Games allow players to be more positive about their skills and find it much easier to connect with the outside world.


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