Use Split Testing on Your WordPress Blog

You have probably heard of split testing in Internet marketing. Marketers often split test ads to find out which one works the best. They also split test landing pages. What you may not know is some marketers even use split testing techniques on WordPress blogs. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a marketer to do the split testing for you. You can easily split test your titles, themes and content yourself.

Split Test Titles

Title Split Testing for WordPress

Titles draw readers in and get them to stick around on your blog. With that in mind, you should consider using the Title Split Testing for WordPress plugin. This plugin will allow you to split test titles for the same piece of content. Then, you can find out which title performs better.

You will be amazed by how much your click-through-rate improves once you find out what types of titles your audience likes. You will finally be able to write titles that they respond to, so you will get more conversions.

Split Test Themes

Split Testing WordPress Themes

You can also split test your themes on WordPress. You don’t need to have multiple Premium WordPress templates to do this. Instead, you can alter a theme and then test it against the original. For example, you can alter your theme’s header. Then, you can use the SES Theme Split Test plugin to test the altered theme against the original theme. Once the split test is complete, you will know which header your audience responds to, so you can use that header for the long term. You will also have the option of split testing the winning header against a new one.

Split Test Content

FlowSplit WordPress plugin

You can even split test content on WordPress. You can use the FlowSplit plugin to test different types of content. You don’t have to test entire posts. Instead, you can test short snippets or test the call-to-action inside of your post. This is a great tool to use if you are having trouble getting readers to take action. You can play around with the language that you use and find something that converts.

Split testing can help you refine your marketing campaign, so give these plugins a try. In most cases, your audience will prefer one style over the other. That will help you speak directly to them with each and every post you make. That, in turn, will help your conversions. It will also help you provide a better experience for your readers.

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