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Understand Cloud VPS Before You Regret-Read Here To Know

Cloud VPS

It is difficult to get people to see the difference between VPS hosting and cloud VPS solutions. Many businesses assume they are the same thing, but that is not the case. It is important to understand the distinction before you are putting money into any package. That is why we have come up with a full guide that will explain the differences between the two, and highlight the need for companies to consider cloud VPS solutions.

What is VPS Hosting?

The idea behind VPS hosting is that you are getting a virtual private serve that you can use for various purposes. Each person or company gets an individual slot on a dedicated machine, with the slot having its own resources. The good thing about VPS hosting is that it is fairly affordable, and it does provide a good amount of resources for small businesses or individuals who do not want to spend thousands of dollars on the equipment themselves.

The issue with VPS hosting is that it is not the most secure. There are many ways that a system can fail, and that can cause a lot of problem for businesses that may want to use VPS hosting to get their website up and running. There are too many crash scenarios, and it can take some time before the hosting provider gets the system back up and running.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Many experts believe cloud hosting is the pinnacle of such solutions, because it offers a combination of value and features that you are not going to find anywhere else. While it is a relatively new technology, it already has a ton of acceptance and appeal to businesses.

The beauty of cloud VPS solutions is that a website is accessible all the time, 24/7/365. There are no down times. Why? Because the website is being hosted on the cloud server, not a specific physical location. Even if some part of the server goes down or has maximum traffic, the queries are just rerouted to an idle server in the cluster. That takes care of the issues that would arise because of downtime.

And when people choose companies such as to get their cloud VPS solutions, there is even less to worry about. These companies are known for their excellence, because they prioritize the consumer and ensure that every possible failure point has been checked and handled before it can become a major issue.

All web hosting services, such as file storage, SSH, FTP, email services and much more can be run on the cloud through various servers. Equal resources are being applied to all the clusters in the cloud, and each person who has signed up for a service gets the resources they paid to receive. Of course, those who have higher plans are going to get more bandwidth and other features. But even the basic plans are very impressive, especially when you look at the prices. It is an affordable and top of the line solution.

Perks of Cloud Hosting

  • The reliability that comes with cloud VPS solutions is hard to beat. While a regular VPS setup is not too bad, it is not going to deliver the same level of reliability. With a typical VPS solution, a site owner can expect their site to be down for at least a few hours each week.

Now if you are running a casual blog, you may not care too much. But if you are running a company or you are selling items on that site, you will want 100 percent reliability and uptime. Any downtime will just give away the notion that you are an unreliable business, and that will not impress your customers one bit.

  • The security in cloud hosting is provided through many physical servers. These servers are protected from third-parties who may try to cause harm to the data, steal the data or interrupt the service. There are many steps taken by cloud hosting providers to ensure that security is at its optimal level at all times.
  • The flexibility and scalability of cloud hosting is very impressive. There is no service out there that can provide such value and impressive flexibility. Let us say that someone chooses the base plan when they first sign up. Ten days into using the service, they realize that a higher tier will be more appropriate for their needs. The cloud hosting provider can easily sort that out, and within minutes the additional resources are available. With a typical VPS solution, it would be a lot more problematic to adjust the available resources on the fly.
  • You are paying for what you use. If you are not using a lot of resources, you will adjust to a lower plan and you will not be paying too much during those days. That is the beauty of the service. When you add what everyone pays, the hosting provider makes good money. But if you look at the individual spending of each company or person who is getting the service, it is remarkably low.

Do Not Shy Away From Cloud Hosting

We can understand why some people are scared of cloud hosting. When we think of the cloud, we are imagining those services where you can save your files online and access them from anywhere. Now those services are useful, but they also have their share of problems and downtime. That is why so many people think of “cloud hosting” as something unreliable and negative.

But it could not be further from the truth. The reliability and scalability that you are getting with a cloud hosting solution is unparalleled. Nowhere else can you pay between $25 to $100 a month and get this level of service.

Whether you are running a blog where you share articles, or you are planning a massive ecommerce store, you will want to find the right cloud hosting provider for your website. It will ensure that your site is always up, and the security will be top notch too.

What Cloud Hosting Offers, Which VPS Does Not

We can do a complete rundown of the services that are offered by cloud hosting solutions, but not VPS providers. These services include a pay as you go model, flexibility, customization, security, instant provisioning, high performance, impressive reliability, no downtime and multiple data centers.

You may want to go with the traditional route of getting a VPS that you can use for your site. You will see it as the safe option as you have used it before and you know that it mostly works. But why settle for something that mostly works? It is much better to look at the additional performance and features that you can get from a cloud hosting solution. There are so many companies out there offering this service, and many of them are extremely reliable.

It is easy to find an affordable and outstanding cloud hosting solution. These companies will ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. Not only will your site be up 24/7/365, but you will also be in a position where you are paying on a sliding scale. When you use more resources, you pay more. When you use less, you pay less.

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