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Troubleshooting Wi-Tribe Internet Broadband Slow Connection

MANILA, Philippines – This article about Wi-Tribe Philippines Internet broadband slow connection was first seen on my other tech blog. But I have decided to take it down and move it on my main blog site in relation to my product review of Wi-Tribe Postpaid plan. In summary, like any other Internet service providers in any countries there will be a time that you will experience some technical issues and most likely it’s because of your Internet broadband slow connection. I am no longer with Wi-Tribe Broadband Philippines and went back to BayanTel BayanDSL package to avoid Internet slow connection. And I would like to share with you my experience (unfortunately bad experience) and how I somehow managed to maximize the unstable Internet connection with the use of my little background on troubleshooting Internet broadband connection. This is my story back in 2012 but while monitoring Wi-Tribe Philippines Facebook page, I can still see unsatisfied customers.

Wi-Tribe Philippines Motorola 4G Modem

If you have landed into this page then I am sure you are experiencing Internet broadband slow connection problem or “slow Internet browsing” when using Wi-Tribe Philippines Internet 4G connection. Well, you’re not the only one who have this dilemma, or should I say we’re not the only people experiencing it.  I am a new Wi-Tribe 4G Internet post-paid subscriber and subscribed with their Plan 998 that promises a speed “up-to” 2Mbps. Unfortunately, the only time that I experienced that “fast and reliable” 4G Internet connection was when they demoed their unit at our house for two days. After 2 days, when Wi-Tribe activated my 2Mbps subscription plan that’s when everything went upside down. Within a week after the activation, I already made a couple of tech-support calls with them because of the sluggish Internet connection I am experiencing.

For two weeks since my Wi-Tribe Philippines post-paid subscription, I can say that I am really not satisfied with the service that I am getting with the aforementioned wireless Internet connection. But I wanted to share with you some of the “possible” fixes when you are experiencing slow Internet connection or browsing.  Instead of you wasting your time calling their support team discussing your problem.  To tell you the truth, each support from Wi-Tribe is only using a set of cheat sheet of recommendations when they are troubleshooting your connection. So, these troubleshooting tips are something that you can do-it-yourself before you call the marines.  I am using Wi-Tribe Philippines’ Motorola 4G modem, if you are using a different type you could still use some of the troubleshooting guide here otherwise you can start calling Wi-Tribe support.

How To Troubleshoot Wi-Tribe Philippines Slow Connection

Check your cables connection

This is one of the most basic troubleshooting step which most of us neglects.  Check your cables are firmly connected like the power cables should be properly plugged into the power outlet and on your Motorola modem. Another one is the UTP cable should be properly connected into your modem and LAN card. Note that there are 2 ports at the back of your modem – VOIP port and the data port. Ensure that you are using the correct port.

Rear-View Wi-Tribe Philippines Motorola 4G Modem

CPE Lights Indicator

The CPE lights pertains to those blue lights in your Motorola 4G modem.  It can also help you to troubleshoot your modem.  Here are some of the recommendations from Wi-Tribe’s “Modem Basic Troubleshooting Guide”.

Motorola 4G Modem CPE Lights Indicators

Note of those CPE lights which indicates that you need to return your Motorola 4G modem back to their office for replacement or repair.

Now, the following steps are a little bit advance from those standard spiels you will be hearing from their Technical Support hotline.

Check Your LAN and TCP/IP Configuration

Well, you should not be blaming your Internet service provider for your Internet broadband slow connection – not entirely. You should also check your own computer configuration. Especially, if you are going to use your modem from one computer into another.

Windows LAN Properties


Since with Wi-Tribe Philippines, we are using a shared-Internet connection like most Internet service providers then our TCP/IP configuration should be set to “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically“.  We should not be using static IP address because shared-Internet connectivity usually uses DHCP configuration for their subscribers unless specified.

Obtain an IP Automatically

If the aforementioned troubleshooting above didn’t do any good for you. Then we might have to reset your modem and there are two ways to do it.

Why do I need to reset my Motorola 4G modem?

As I’ve mentioned, we’re using a shared-Internet connection and not only that your Internet speed connection depends on where are you located or how far are you from Wi-Tribe’s wireless core switch/antenna. It is possible that Wi-Tribe’s wireless Internet visibility is either poor from where you are OR you are currently hooked in a different antenna which is too far from your location. So, we need to reset your Motorola 4G modem to get that chance to get back to the nearest switch/antenna from your location.

Hard Reset

This is done by pushing that small “Reset” button that can be found at the rear part of your Motorola 4G modem while your modem is still powered and connected into your computer (refer to the image above to locate the reset button). You should push and hold that Reset button for at least 5-10 seconds. When you let go of the button, you will notice that your modem’s CPE lights will initiate again. Once, everything is back to normal then check again your Internet speed connection;

Soft Reset

You can only do this when your computer is connected into your Wi-Tribe Motorola 4G modem. You need to ensure first that your modem is powered up and your computer detects it. Open a browser and in the URL address bar, type this address: and when asked for password it is by default Motorola. Click the Personalize drop-down arrow and look for the “Restore Factory Settings”, tick the check box and hit Apply.  You will notice that your Motorola 4G modem will initiate.  Then check your Internet connection again.

Motorola Soft Reset

Now, if resetting your modem still didn’t solved your Internet slow connection then we need to seek assistance now from Wi-Tribe Technical team. But before you do that, you need to gather some information from your modem by using the same link – These are the values of your RSSI, CINR, and BS ID.

Motorola Network Monitor

I am not saying that the troubleshooting above will make your Internet Broadband slow connection go away 100%. These were just some basic troubleshooting that I did when I was still with Wi-Tribe Philippines. But if you are not comfortable with these, you can always call their Technical Support for either phone support or on-site support.

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