Top 5 Things To Avoid In Applying PPC

Getting into online business is always subjected to success and failure at the same time. There are always more chances of failure if you have not planned your strategies for an online business. The success is linked with an adopting the best policies and strategies with great planning and managing your business. There are few factors which are to be kept in mind while going through PPC campaign for success:

Top 5 Things To Avoid In Applying PPC

  1. The selection of keyword: The most important factor for getting the maximum online business is to use a powerful keyword. A rigid and less familiar keyword will take you to the dark hole whereas a common and flexible keyword will give you the glittering attraction all over the internet. The very big challenge faced by the pay per click managers is to select for the specific keyword and the very common mistake which they do is that they do not opt for longer tailed keyword which as a result restrict their opening. There are so many benefits of the long tailed keyword which matters a lot for your advertisement. It takes down your cost of pay per click with higher ranked ads comprising of the more relevant keyword. Therefore it is always advised to go for the bigger keyword rather than limiting to the shorter keywords.
  2. Top PPC position: Most of the pay per click mangers tries to search the keywords at the top position which in turn increases their cost. Try to bring your website on No 3 position for the more financial saving. Your website will have the same popularity as is for the top position holder. Your website will remain visible for the longer time besides saving a huge investment on the advertisements.
  3. Landing page importance: The landing page for the clients must be more relevant to their requirement and the major products and services must be placed on that page which has the back link. The most common mistake made by the pay per click managers is that they advertise with the other attractive designs which are not relevant to the webpage. Make sure that the message given in the ad must be relevant to the web contents. The message in an ad contents must be the extract of the original web contents for the better relevance.
  4. Ad network: The pay per click managers always focus and target the main search engines based on the ad networks which are already overloaded. Try to make selection of those ad networks which are broader and give your ads on all the relevant pages. It will also help to avoid negative ads response and will attract more traffic to your website. Therefore, while selecting the ad network, take a good analysis and try to filter out the low performing domains for your advertisement. It will help you to reduce your financial burden significantly.
  5. Ad Copy: Try to make a good, needful, attractive and more relevant ad copy for getting more traffic. The eye catcher ad will help you in your advertisement campaign.


  1. Using long tail keywords is a great concept but in most cases it only works with 1 tier PPC networks like Adwords and AdCenter. With 2 tier networks you’d get significantly lower traffic volume.

    Targeting third position is generally good idea but not always. It really depends. For example: if you see that position #1 is $1, position #2 is
    $0.4, position #3 is $0.39 and position #4 is $0.36… you should definitely go for second position in order to get the best spot on the lower margin of the CPC gap.

    Indeed, there are plenty of smaller ad networks that deliver premium quality PPC traffic at a lower cost.

  2. Nice things you point out man, lots of people do these type mistakes which are really not good for running ppc. In ppc total thing is on money, if anybody get clients they are lucky but other people can be go down. Here every point is neat and clean to understand, for newbie people on this section can be more helpful.

    Five points are really helpful for understanding mistakes. But i ran ppc for my keywords but it didnt however it should be. Always bad times comes for coming good times. I learned lots of things by this post what i didnt knew. This is really awesome post.


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