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Top 10 Free Android Apps for College Students

In this world of smartphones, it seems there is an app for everything. College students are always on the go so apps that help them to succeed without slowing them down are essential. The Android market offers many free apps and here are our top picks for students.

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  1. Evernote– This is the essential app for organizing your life. With Evernote you can take notes, type memos, take pictures, record voice reminders, and fill out your long to- do list. Not only is on your phone, but it moves seamlessly to a web app and desktop program so you’ll never be too far without your notes. Pull out your cell phone to study for a test why waiting for the dentist, or open it on your computer when finishing up final assignments.
  2. Alarm Clock Xtreme– Alarm clocks are a must have for every college student and one on your cell phone is important since you never know where you’ll crash. This free app has setting for every type of sleeper. It can wake you up gradually, or if you prefer, jolt you out of your slumber with its alarm. If snoozing is your thing, you can set variable snooze times. If you have a habit of turning off your alarm without actually waking up, you can set it to make you solve a math problem before turning it off.
  3. Studious– This free app helps to keep you organized and takes the work out of it. Input your class schedule and it will automatically silence your phone during those times so you’re sure to never receive scathing looks from your professor when your cell phone goes off in class. You can also add in all of your test dates and assignment due dates and it will remind you when they are coming up. You can also store photos and voice reminders in this app.
  4. Virt U– This app is great if you haven’t yet settled on a major or if you need to brush up on a particular subject. Using Virt U, you can listen to hundreds of lecture videos from universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and MIT right from your phone. Use the Virt U Facebook page to share favorite lectures or to see what other students are listening to.
  5. StudyDroid– If flashcards are more your style when it comes to learning, this app will let you take them anywhere with you. You can create flashcards on your computer and sync them to your device. Custom color and text options are also available.
  6. CamScanner– This amazing app turns you phone’s camera into a scanner. Scan your class syllabus so you always have it handy or take pictures of the white board or classmate’s notes to study later.
  7.– This app is great for students just starting to take control of their finances. You can link your bank accounts and set a budget. You’ll get notifications if your spending exceeds a budget or if your accounts are getting low. You’ll also be able to track your past spending so you can be a little smarter with your money.
  8. Wikipedia– It is no secret that a lot of students use Wikipedia to get through school. This app allows you to bring the full webpage to your phone and makes browsing easier. You can also save articles to read offline later so you won’t always have to have an internet connection to utilize the article.
  9. Google Docs– This app brings all the features of online Google docs to your phone. You’ll be able to create, edit, view, and share all of your docs from your phone. Create spreadsheets and share them to collaborate with other students on assignment questions.
  10. Yelp– Students have to eat. Use this app to find great food nearby. You’ll be able to get directions, look at the menu and read other user reviews. Bon Appétit!

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  1. wow Mohd you did an awesome job listing all the great apps for student at one place…its really supercool 🙂 thanks

  2. Hey Aktar…nice to see your post here buddy 🙂 very nice post i personally like and use studydroid and evernote from your list

  3. This is really cool…i loved it all the great apps for students at one place 🙂 good job mohd ….i am using whatsapp to cheat in my exams lol 😛 haha

  4. Nice posts! Evernote and Wikipedia are truly good help for students like me. Thank you for sharing these lists of apps!


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