The Most Advanced Home Security Systems That Will Amaze You

Our homes are one of our most prized possessions and we will do everything that we can to ensure their safety – no matter what. That is why we need to have a bulletproof security system installed in our home.

Thanks to new technology, we are now able to find new and advanced ways to protect and secure our homes. So what are these new and advanced ways of protecting our homes?

We have listed some of the most advanced home security systems that will surely leave your property protected and secured at all times.

Home Security

Infant Gas Mask Against CBRN Threats

We should protect the youngest one in the family. And this infant gas mask is the best protection in the case of CBRN threats. It is compact and combined with a modern CBRN filter that provides 45 liters per minute of pressured air for easy breathing.

Smart locks

After a quick and easy install, smart locks can help you figure out who goes in and goes out of your house – even if you are away. They can prevent anyone without access from entering your house. Smart locks will also send a notification to your phone once it detects unauthorized access.

Bulletproof doors

 When spending more on home security, bulletproof doors certainly belong to a pricier category. Yes, they are expensive, but the level of protection and security they can provide for your home is almost unparalleled.

Secret passageways

Secret passageways can be used to hide the entrance to your panic room, a secret gun room, a home theater, your vault room, and a whole lot more. Since secret passageways can be so hard to find, security is almost 100% guaranteed.

The smart home monitoring kit

Since keeping an eye on the services of a traditional home security system can be exhausting to you, you can instead rely on smart home monitoring kits to help protect and secure your home. You can control your lights, monitor smoke, and carbon monoxide, enable and disable security alarms, and control your electronics with just your mobile device. A notification will be immediately sent to your phone if something causes its alarms to be triggered.

NCB Fallout Shelter

This could very well be the most expensive home security system technology can offer right now. NCB stands for ‘nuclear, chemical, biological – which means this fallout shelter should be able to protect you and your family from a nuclear, chemical, or biological attack. If you can afford it, you can build this shelter beneath your house for easy access. So, in case a nuclear, chemical, or biological attack happens, your family can be 100% safe.

Wireless home security cameras

Having an advanced wireless home security camera at home can be more than enough to keep your house safe and secure from criminal activities. Of course, you need to pick a home security camera that offers a lot of features like motion detection, night vision, wide field of view, good audio recording, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, and good resolution. This way you can still be watchful over your house – even if you are away.

Home Security CCTV

SAFE cores

At first, SAFE  cores were only limited to a particular part of the house. But with new technology, they can now be used to protect the entire house. SAFE (Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments) cores can protect your home from almost any kind of natural or man-made disaster. This may be a more expensive type of home security system, but the level of protection and security it provides is almost unmatched.

Electronic door locks

Electronic door locks are advanced home security devices that require you to use a fingerprint, a pin code, or a mechanical key to unlock doors. If you don’t want criminals to easily enter your house, an electronic door lock should do the job. Electronic door locks can be purchased now at a relatively low price, making them a popular option for home security systems.


Heliports are indeed expensive and are standard features of movies – not something that you usually see in most houses. While only the very wealthy can afford to build a heliport on their rooftop, it does provide an easy escape route for when a property is invaded or attacked.

Burglar Blaster

Burglar Blaster can help deter criminal activities from happening inside your house. If a burglar is detected by the infrared light of Burglar Blaster, it will immediately trigger an alarm that produces a cloud of noxious gas that can incapacitate a criminal for hours. The best thing about it is that it can work alongside your other home security systems – truly keeping your family and belongings safe.

Video Doorbell

Imagine answering a doorbell without first having to go to the door to check to see who’s there. Well, a video doorbell can do just that! With a video doorbell, you can see who’s at the door and ensure that it’s not someone attempting to break in – and you can do so through your mobile device. You can even communicate with that person on your phone. Not only that, but you can buy a sleek video doorbell, one that matches your home’s aesthetics so it won’t be noticed easily by outsiders.

Our homes are certainly one of our most valuable possession – particularly because it stores our priceless loved ones and valuable belongings. With the looming fear of a burglary or robbery, many are turning to home security systems for some peace of mind. With the technology constantly advancing, the appliance experts at think that this list of amazing security systems is sure to grow.

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