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Speaktoit Assistant Android App Now Supports Spanish-Language

Speaktoit Assistant Android app gets updated and what’s new with this top Android virtual assitant – it can now speak and supports Spanish language. So for our fellow Spanish friends you can now download and utilize the latest version of virtual Assistant from Speaktoit on your Android tablet or smartphone. Although this is already one of the supported language of the new S-Voice of Samsung Galaxy, Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri isn’t capable yet of understanding this language – beated by one step.

Speaktoit Assistant for iPhone

With 2.6 million downloads and the #1 rating among Android virtual assistants, Speaktoit has just launched a Spanish language version of their app, adding another key capability that Apple’s Siri has yet to incorporate.

The Spanish language version is immediately available on Android and offers all the features that Speaktoit’s English language version has, including completely customizable avatars, integration with tons of products (like Evernote), and many additional features Siri struggles with (like searching maps outside the U.S.).

Users can easily get the Spanish version by downloading Speaktoit from Google Play and switching the language settings to Spanish.

According to Ilya Gelfenbeyn –  founder of Speakotit, “There are 400 million native Spanish speakers, and the number of smart phone users is growing rapidly. We’re excited to reach the Spanish speaking community with an natural language speech recognition app that will change how they use their phones.”

So what if you don’t have the latest Samsung Galaxy S III or iPhone 4S, if you have an Android smartphone or tablet that sports at least an Android 2.1 operating system then don’t let yourself drool over their talking smartphones. Get yourself a copy of Speaktoit Assitant from Google Play now.

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