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Sony Flaunts Their Sony XPERIA SmartWatch – An Android On Your Wrist

It’s another new year and Sony Ericsson will make your year right on “time” with their latest and soon to come out SmartWatch. If you have been dying to have your own Apple iPod Nano, well think again once you see this new innovative Android-based wrist watch from Sony Ericsson. With Sony Ericsson XPERIA SmartWatch, you now have the power to connect your Android smartphone with your watch.  Moreover, you can now listen to your favorite music and even be updated with your Facebook news feeds and even with your tweets, SMS messages and email – a whole new world and experience.

Sony Xperia Smartwatch

Sony SmartWatch is a detachable Android-watch which can be clipped into any 20mm wristband of your choice.  You can also connect this with your Android phone (pref. Sony Xperia phones – see listing here.) through Bluetooth up to 10m range.  The user can tap, swipe, and touch to navigate the its multi-window display to check your Facebook updates, tweets,  incoming SMS messages and even your email.

Do you want to customize and add new Android applications with your SmartWatch? Yes it is possible! All you have to do is visit the Android Market to download and install the latest and compatible applications for your Sony SmartWatch.

According to reports, this will be available before the end of March (Q1) and estimated price will range closely to $149.99.  The video below is Sony SmartWatch’ teaser entailing how powerful this SmartWatch can be.

For more information, you can visit Sony Ericsson SmartWatch‘ official webpage.


  1. Among the coolest (or most pointless – but aren’t many of the coolest things in life?) is the ability to see the view through your phone’s camera on the watch. The usefulness of this might be debatable but it works pretty well.


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