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Samsung Galaxy Note Accessory – Premium S-Pen Holder Kit Now Available

One of the hottest Android smartphones is Samsung Galaxy Note which was officially released here sometime last month. And now Samsung UK, from their Facebook page, finally announced the availability of this newest and latest accessory that will make your Samsung Galaxy Note experience a little more easier – let us all meet their Premium S-Pen Holder Kit. The first time I used a pen or stylus on my phone was when I still had my O2 XDA. It really did wonders for me specially when sending messages since the virtual QWERTY keyboard of O2 is pretty small. Anyway, about this Premium S-Pen Holder Kit, Ken’s Tech Tips was the first one (as far as we know) to show the world this latest Samsung Galaxy Note stylus pen holder kit accessory through his YouTube Channel.

Galaxy Note - S-Pen Holder Kit

The Samsung Galaxy Note Premium S-Pen Holder Kit seems to be the latest accessory for the smartphone mentioned and basically speaking it will give you that natural feeling of holding a regular or standard pen.  If you’re like me who usually finds it hard to grasp and use the standard stylus pen for these touchscreen devices then Premium S-Pen Holder Kit will probably the best solution there is.  This accessory was manufactured from Korea and according to the manufacturing date from Ken, it was made just this month – December 2011.

People from UK who are using Samsung Galaxy Note can now place their order from Clove Technology for £25.00 (£30.00 VAT Inclusive) or USD $46.25.

You can watch the video below released by Ken on his YouTube video channel unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Note Premium S-Pen Holder Kit and how it works.

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