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Google and Samsung Confirms A Bug With Volume – Fix Now In The Pipeline

Samsung Galaxy Nexus which was officially launched a couple of weeks ago, sporting the latest Ice Cream Sandwich Android platform or Android 4.0 smartphone from Samsung and Google, was bombarded with one major issue – volume (sound) problem.  But the good news to all Samsung Galaxy Nexus users is there will soon be a fix for this problem.  Samsung confirms that this is a software related issue and a fix is now on it’s way as they’ve tweeted it a couple of minutes ago.  Unfortunately and I am not really surprised, Samsung did not divulge the root cause or the reason behind this volume problem of Samsung Galaxy Nexus – probably they’ve thought that it was “too” technical for us to comprehend it so just to make it easier they’ll just release a fix and that’s it.

samsung galaxy nexus volume bug

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ volume problem was widely discussed in one of the known mobile forum called XDA wherein the smartphone’s volume suddenly or randomly drops and the volume rocker turns out to be unresponsive for a few seconds.  It was said that this is probably a network related issue while some says that this is caused when WiFi is enabled.  Different assumptions were given by the affected users and most of them were actually worried because they have just purchased it.  If you have a Google account, you can join the discussion or even create your own trouble ticket here.  Below is a video from the person who opened the trouble ticket Issue 22021: Volume down/mute on Galaxy Nexus running 4.0. As to how Samsung will be distributing the fix, my guess is it will be via OTA. Like you, I will also be waiting for the official announcement about the fix for this problem.

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