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Best Samsung Galaxy S III Protective Casing – Rokform Rokbed v3 S3 Case

Rokform announces their new Rokbed v3 S3 case, the next best Samsung Galaxy S III protective casing last week. The official release for interested buyers to avail the product will be on 01st of August.  However, you can now start placing your pre-orders from Rokform’s official website.  For those who are not yet aware, Rokform was known to be one of the best makers of protective casing for Apple products. And the last best protective casing they’ve released was their custom Rokbed v3 Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Now, they are investing on creating a new integrated system to provide the best Samsung Galaxy S III protective casing. It’s not just a regular protective casing but as mentioned it is a system. The Samsung Galaxy S III is considered now as one of the best and latest Android smartphones in the mobile market and is now leaving Apple products behind. Having said, don’t you think you should be protecting such device?

Rokbed v3 S3 Case Best Samsung Galaxy S III Protective Casing

Rokform Rokbed offers a wide variety of protective casings from iPod, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and even stands for your device. They even offer a DIY or do-it-yourself designs for your own iPhone 4 and/or iPhone 4S. No wonder this company was not only known for their superb Polycarbonate protective cases but they were also recognized in the recent event and acknowledged as a CES Design Award honoree.  Now, with Rokform Rokbed v3 S3 they wanted to ensure with their customers who will buy their product that they are getting the best Samsung Galaxy S III protective casing.  This is a actually new edge for the company jumping from Apple products and now entering the Android world starting with Samsung’s top smartphone today – Samsung Galaxy S III.

If you previously saw Rokform Rokbed V3 for iPhone 4/4S, the same package will be offered for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Of course there’s the anti-slip grip which prevents your smartphone from slipping or sliding from smooth surfaces. Also there’s the Definitive Lock from which latches your smartphone protecting it from ejecting during high impact activities. And of course the whole casing is a high impact polycarbonate frame couples to protect your Samsung Galaxy S III.

Along with these physical features of which is soon to be the best Samsung Galaxy S III protective casing are its accessories for your outdoor activities like the bike mount, camera tripod, and sport clips. And how can I forget the RokLock Remote Mounting System and magnet kit? With this, you can mount your smartphone on almost any surface like in the kitchen or even on your car.  The screen display is one of my primary concern and with Rokform Rokbed V3 S3 for Samsung Galaxy S 3, this is now covered by RokGard Screen Protector.

As I’ve said, this Rokbed v3 S3 Case will be officially available next month and will be offered in a variety of colors as with their iPhone 4/4S casing.  However Rokform now offers pre-orders of this protective casing for Samsung Galaxy S III.  The price of the best Samsung Galaxy S III protective casing Rokform Rokbed v3 S3 will start at $45.00.  For more information, you can check Rokform online shopping cart.

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