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Now Available Apple Open Line iPhone 3GS At Php14,990 – Philippines

It’s not too late for my fellow Pinoys who still wanted to get their own cheaper open line iPhone in the Philippines.  Because this year, Apple is re-launching iPhone 3GS with more value added here in the Philippines.  The once popular Apple iPhone 3GS is now available with 12 months Apple warranty seed stock replacement and NTC type approved. And what’s more, the new Apple mobile will be offered to all tech consumers who are scouting for an open line iPhone 3GS.  Apple iPhone 3GS is one of the iPhone iterations which became popular before iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S was released and all thanks to Steve Jobs’ brilliant ideas.  Although most of us Pinoys in general I know will prefer either iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or the coming new iPhone 5.

Open Line iPhone 3GS Philippines

As of now, we received this latest information from a reliable source that the open line iPhone will be available to 11 cell phone shops here in the Philippines but soon there will be more. Among the stores that will sell the open line iPhone for those interested buyers are:

  • Mind Alliance Ventures/MemoXpress
  • Bluelite
  • Tekpone Communications
  • CMK Cellphones
  • Techno Mobile
  • Mobile World
  • Kodak Express Shops
  • Fortcoms Enterprises
  • Graphic All in One
  • RC Goldline Sale Shop
  • Mobile 19
UPDATE (August 03, 2012): Here’s the updated list of shops that carry iPhone 3Gs as of today.
  • Intogadgets
  • MemoXpress
  • JR MemoXpress
  • Power Mac Center
  • Ambassador
  • Automatic Centre
  • Bluelite
  • CMK Cellphones
  • Twinline
  • Fonestyle
  • Link Plus
  • Mobile World / ABC Store
  • Hello
  • Silicon Valley
  • Techno Mobile
  • Widget City
South Luzon (Lucena)
  • Greentelcom
  • ACC Sidrah
South Luzon (Batangas)
  • Presnet
Central Luzon (Bataan)
  • Mobile 19
North Luzon (Baguio)
  • Mountain Studio
  • Tiongsan Dept. Store
  • Cebu – RC Goldline
  • Palawan – Fortcoms
  • Bacolod – Galleon
Mindanao (Davao)
  • 8telcom
  • Tekpone
  • Ytelecom
  • Mobile Network
  • Kodak Express Shops
Mindanao (CDO)
  • Graphic
Mindanao (General Santos)
  • Metrovi
  • Perfecom

The open line iPhone 3GS will be sold at a price of Php14,990.00. So if you want to buy and get your own iPhone 3GS, you may go to the nearest Apple retailers in your area now.  Apple iPhone 3GS is the most affordable iPhone that was made in 2012, now loaded with iOS 5  and with over 650,000 applications available from Apple iTunes. Another good news is that this open line iPhone 3GS will also sport the latest iOS6 sometime in the last quarter this year (Q4).

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