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Nokia Maps For Lumia Windows Phone 8 – Access Indoor and Outdoor Places Even In True Offline Mode

The Finnish company, Nokia, have just announced publicly their latest own navigation system for their Lumia Windows Phone 8. Check out their new Nokia mapsand the great things it can bring in your travelling experiences.t their new Nokia maps and what are the great things it can bring in your travelling experiences. One thing is certain – the battle of the maps is getting hotter between popular smartphones. This time it’s Nokia’s turn to show-off their own navigational map version.  Google maps is surely dominating in this field since there are more Android smartphone and tablet users as compared to the buggy iOS 6 maps. Most iOS 6 maps were shifting from the introduced map of Apple to Google maps – and even Tim Cook suggested to use 3rd party maps while they are fixing their own version.

Nokia Maps For Lumia Windows Phone 8 – Access Indoor and Outdoor Places Even In True Offline Mode

What are the new features or should I say innovations with the new Nokia maps for Lumia Windows Phone 8? Nokia unveiled a video showing their new Nokia maps and it can now be downloaded from Windows Phone app store. Each time you look for the best place to go like a coffee shop, shopping mall, or restaurant, you can check out the reviews of other people who have gone through to that particular place before you decide to visit it yourself.  And before you even decide to pick one, the map will provide you all the recommended and related establishments that you are looking for around you. With this kind of feature, the user can select freely which one to pick.

You can even share the place you picked with your friends for them to also get the same feeling you had with the services and ambiance of the place.  And like the Google maps and Apple iOS 6 maps, you can use the application to help you with navigation while your travelling or driving. You just need to input where you want to go and Nokia maps will help you reach your destination.

Another cool feature of this map is that it also have an indoor navigation. This means that you can access and get to know the nearest elevators, escalators, ATM machines, restaurants, and other facilities and establishments inside a mall or building.

One thing that I liked about this new Nokia maps is that I can access the map even if I am in true offline mode. This gives the user the access to utilize the map even if he doesn’t have an Internet connection.

Here’s the “but-thing” that I am anticipating. I think and it is still acceptable, that the maps will not be available for all places especially those indoor maps. But I think given that we provide more time for Nokia to get all the information and cache all the new maps on their cloud servers – soon in the future we’ll enjoy it more.

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