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Nokia Kinetic Concept Device: Bend and Twist Your Device

Nokia World – This is going to be one quick post in accordance to the recent Nokia World event. We’re now looking into the future Nokia device but of course we’re not all sure if this will really attract the end-users once it is available in the market. Imagine your mobile device or any gadgets where you can bend and/or twist it without breaking the thing. This is the future kinetic concept of Nokia device.

Nokia Kinetic Concept Phone

Well, this is actually new and quite impressive. According to Nokia, this is not to replace the touchscreen capability of your smartphones but rather an improvement to what we used to have with our gadgets nowadays. The idea is you can use that bending method to select or navigate with the device, like if you bend your device towards you it acts as if you have selected a certain function or zooms a picture that you’re viewing. Nokia, however, did not confirmed during the event on what will be the type of glass they’ll be using for this flexible devices – are we looking into the next “super flexible AMOLED” display? Who knows but it might be the next AMOLED enhancement.

Here’s a short video showing how the Nokia Kinetic Concept Device works:

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